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  1. Smackdown: 12/16/11.


    Let me level with you, there IS a PPV this Sunday. Seriously. I know what you’re thinking, but I assure the TLC PPV is this Sunday. This might seem baffling if you have been watching WWE programming lately, because you’d think they’d make you care and want to tune in to see it. But they didn’t book much, or do much, and as a result… meh. Let’s just hop to it, shall we? I’m too tired.

  2. WWE NXT results 3/2/10

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    Darren Young def. David Otunga

    Darren Young, CM Punk’s rookie, defeated Jennifer Hudson’s fiancee and R-Truth’s rookie, David Otunga in the opening contest.  Luke Gallows and Truth got into a discussion outside of the ring, and as the referee was distracted, Punk tripped up Otunga, allowing Young to pick up the victory.

    After the match, Otunga shoved Truth.

    Promo: Daniel Bryan says he’ll headline WrestleMania some day.

    Video: Bryan taking a huge bump courtesy of Chris Jericho.

    Backstage: Bryan is getting looked at by the trainers, and Miz informs him that he’ll be facing Jericho’s rookie, Wade Barrett, next!


    During the break, David Otunga and R-Truth got into a bit of a brawl before officials broke it up.

    Chris Jericho is introduced, and he comes to the stage to introduce Wade Barrett

    Video: Wade Barrett will dominate you, because that’s what will put money into his bank account.

    Daniel Bryan’s ribs are taped up as he makes his way to the ring, sans The Miz.

    Wade Barrett def. Daniel Bryan

    The Miz and Carlito watch from a monitor backstage, as Barrett dominates early on.  Barrett hits a spinebuster and it’s too much for Bryan to overcome.

    Chris Jericho attacks Bryan after the match and locks him in the old school Lion Tamer style Walls of Jericho.

    Later on tonight, Justin Gabriel teams with his pro Matt Hardy to face Skip Sheffield and his pro, William Regal.


    Backstage: Heath Slater is bragging about his and Christian’s win last week.  Christian tells him that he shouldn’t be overconfident, and that David Otunga won his match too.

    Backstage: Justin Gabriel is excited to work with Matt Hardy.  Hardy says Gabriel will bring a lot of high flying maneuvers, kind of like a young Matt Hardy.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t get fat and wear tights that are too small for him.

    Regal and Skip Sheffield make their way to the ring.


    Video: Skip Sheffield is a Corn fed Meathead.  He’s an entertainer, and he’s good at it.

    Hardy and Gabriel make their way to the ring and we’ve got our main event.

    Matt Hardy & Justin Gabriel def. William Regal & Skip Sheffield

    Gabriel picked up the win for his team.  Matt Hardy dropped Regal with a  Twist of Fate, and Gabriel nailed a 450 splash, picking up the victory.

    Backstage: Matt Striker is with the rest of the rookies.  Carlito comes in and spits in the face of Heath Slater.  He says that’s cool.  Slater doesn’t think so, but Striker says, “That’s NXT.”