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  1. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 34

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    Don't kick the baby!

    Thirty-three episodes down, and G Hall has been a part of every single one of them.  Will the streak finally end this week, as our resident Calgarian goes camping?  JT is also away this week.  Joining ThinkSoJoE on BoredWrestlingFan Radio 34?  His long time bassist for thinksobrain and current Noah’s Ark Show co-host on AllWNYRadio.com, Jorge Cardona!  The duo discuss this week in wrestling, fail to get our scheduled interview guest on the line, and get into the week in wrestling news.  George Steele, Kamala, Davey Richards, Kyle O’Reilly, Dawn Marie, The Blue Meanie, Taka Michinoku, Tensai, Randy Orton, and Charlie Sheen all make this week’s news reel, and this week’s Power Poll has a host of superstars returning to the list this week.

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 34 (MP3, 2:03:02)

  2. Smackdown 03/23/12: Living in the Past?

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    Hey hey! What’s going on WPO Crew! AudioMaster G here! Oh wait, that’s my alter-identity on the Wonderpod-cast that usually airs on Fridays… just felt odd this week not hearing that spiel since the computer ate Bruce’s homework. But it is what it is. Speaking of which, it’s time for the holding pattern that is WWE television leading up to the Grand Daddy of Them All, WrestleMania 28! I’m sure tonight will entertain, but don’t expect much advancement in any storylines…. well, perhaps some members of Team Teddy will be announced. Regardless, get your ring gear on, call your Momma (he WILL appear), and let’s get to it, shall we?

    Not single one was given that Monday.


  3. RAW 1.10.11


    Hello everyone!  Terribly sorry about my absence the last two weeks, but things were crazy.  Huge thank you to G for taking over the RAW review when my brother came in, and sorry about no RAW review being up last week.  Turns out, the boss man, ThinkSoJoE, is having some computer problems, so no one was able to cover.  BUT THAT’S OKAY!  We’re here now! Or, at least, I am.

    Tonight, Punk takes over as leader of the Nexus, and John Cena’s going to confront him for the first time since Punk showed interest two weeks ago!  And I’ve been hearing rumors about a Hall of Fame nomination!

    Strangely enough, we start out Monday Night RAW with a tag team title match! … No opening promo?!

    WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov with Tamina vs ??? for the WWE Tag Team Championship

    Before their opponents can even be announced, Nexus comes out and demolishes the tag team championships.  Tamina is nowhere to be seen, and Punk enters the ring rather calmly, watching the chaos.  Nexus clears the ring of the champs, thus answering my question about an opening promo.  Turns out we’re gonna get one.

    Punk says that he’s sorry and I notice he’s wearing black and yellow shoes.  He says that the tag team title match is rescheduled for a later date.  Ever since Nexus has made its impact on RAW, it’s been the most dominant force the WWE has ever seen.  And, as scary as it sounds, they are even stronger now.  He tells Nexus that each and every single one of them has the ability and chance to shine brighter than any other Superstar in history.  He can give them the chance to succeed, and says that Barrett consistently failed at setting any kind of example. Two weeks ago, Punk single-handedly put Cena out of the equation.  That’s right, their hero in all of his broken down hero will appear tonight.  Cena will, he’s hoping, deliver a tear-jerking encore farewell speech tonight.  Cena’s days of Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect are over, while Punk’s are just beginning.  And then, the coup de gras later tonight, in an act of selfless leadership, Punk will make the ultimate sacrifice when he initiates himself the new leader of the new Nexus.  But, he’s getting ahead of himself.  His won’t be the only initiation tonight.  Each one of the Nexus must prove to themselves, the group, to Punk, to these ‘worthless people’ that they have what it takes to belong in the new Nexus.  If they all pass, the Nexus will be at the apex of their power, and they will not only take over RAW, but the WWE entirely.

    Otunga takes the mic, damn it, and Otunga says that he speaks for all of Nexus and they would be honored to be initiated into the new Nexus tonight.  Punk says that the honor will all be his.  Punk starts with McGuillicutty, and says that he’s up first.  He knows, Punk knows, the people knows, that Nexus is famous for these group attacks.  They’ve beaten down Hall of Famers, the Chairman, and John Cena too.  McGuillicutty’s initiation is to be on the receiving end of a beat down.  Husky’s name is called and he’s told to start it.  Husky looks at McG for a minute, Otunga takes the initiative and starts it, dropping him.  Slater asks what the hell he just did, and Punk goads Slater into action.  Husky looks at him again, and then drops himself onto McGuillicutty.  Husky and Otunga move McGuillicutty to the corner, and Punk leads Gabriel up to the corner, where the Axe Murderer of Nexus Gabriel stands up and hits the 450 Splash.  Punk kneels in front of McGuillicutty, and Nexus puts him on Punk’s shoulders, and Punk finishes it off with the Go to Sleep.  Punk leaves, and Nexus carries the unmoving McGuillicutty off.


    @Niki_Sushi ‘It wasn’t your turn! >:O’ ‘YOU TOOK TOO LONG!’ #BWF #RAW

    @HitTheRopes David Otunga speaks for no one. Not even for himself. We all know, J-Hudson speaks for him.

    @kickoutblog CM Punk is the only one with the right to wear pants though.

    @StrikerSays Is The Nexus going to be CM Punk’s new SES? Are they all going to shave their heads?

    @CMPunkSays Screw your tag team titles, it’s NEXUS TIME! #WWE

    @Lunna1969 Isn’t that how gangs do their initiations? #WWE #RAW #BWF

    @JonHexLives Nexus CM Punk shirts! #WWE #RAW #BWF


    R-Truth vs Alberto del Rio

    If del Rio honks that horn one more time, I’m bitch slapping his face off.

    Truth goes for del Rio, but del Rio moves, and Truth chases him, throwing him into a corner and then yelling WHAT’S UP at the crowd. Del Rio is sick of Truth’s shit and gets the momentum before going for a cover, but Truth kicks out at two.  Is it just me, or does the arena look smoky?  Anyway, del Rio Whips Truth, then misses a clothesline.  Truth counters with a head scissors and then clothesline.  Truth runs back at del Rio, and clotheslines him out of the ring, sending them both to the floor.  The ref starts a count, and it takes a few minutes before either man moves.  Del Rio attacks Truth, who attacks back.  But, Ricardo Rodriguez starts yelling at Truth, and Truth gets counted out thanks to that.

    Alberto del Rio wins via count out.

    Del Rio takes the mic and says that’s another victory for him!  But we already know that.  We also know that his destiny is to win the Royal Rumble, and headline Wrestlemania.  Okay, he knows that’s a different story, because tonight they’re in Nashville!  The music city?  Oh, you silly, silly, Americans.  You don’t know anything about music.  You don’t know anything about culture.  Oh, del Rio, these people will kill you outside the arena.  All they know is about their Justin Biebers, Idols, hip-hop, and that horrible and boring country music.  This is a bad place to diss country music…  In Mexico, they know about music.  They know about culture.  He says to allow a man with many attributes to show them real music, mariachi music!  He motions to Ricardo and asks him to sing.  Ricardo says that he can’t sing, probably thanks to that hit he just took to the face, and del Rio asks nicely.  Ricardo takes the mic and sings La Cucaracha.  Which I learned in Spanish.  He’s really not that great at it, but I can’t blame him.

    Two weeks ago, Punk gave Cena a Go to Sleep, and tonight, Cena is going to confront him.  Holy crap, Ricardo is jamming.  Tonight, we have to watch yet another John Morrison and King Sheamus match.  Goodie.  Why am I always covering RAW when people who can’t sing try to?  Anyone remember Mark Henry rapping?


    @KeepItFiveStar “And I haven’t even started yet!” You have started! You’ve been doin this shitty song for like 5 years!

    @Niki_Sushi DAMMIT! Just when I thought I escaped it! Truth, how bout you go to TNA too? CAROLINA CONNECTION! :B #BWF #RAW

    @kickoutblog Okay, if Del Rio starts winning every match by count-out, he’s going to become the world’s greatest asshole.


    @JonHexLives I’m hoping Alberto Del Rio does at least one promo where he warms up like Ramses from NACHO LIBRE. #WWE #RAW #BWF

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Two weeks ago, WWE Champion The Miz violently attacks Jerry “The King” Lawler.”>

    Jerry says that he’d be lying if he said he was fully recovered.  Cole says that Randy will be sorely disappointed when he can’t take the WWE Championship from The Miz.  Cole tells Jerry to apologize, but we have an email.

    “Recently, Michael Cole has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism.  However, I support Michael Cole in every conceivable way.  Even though, he’s a conceited, pompous, arrogant, self-centered, pretentious jerk.  Okay, just kidding.  The reality is that Michael Cole has done a phenomenal job and is the epitome of manhood.  I wish we had more people like him, with the guts to stand up against popular opinion.  Michael is an award winning journalist, a two-time Slammy award winner.  He is witty, highly intelligent, and not to mention, handsome.  Ladies and gentlemen, the highest honor one can achieve is to refer to themselves as a Cole Miner!”

    Jerry finally interrupts, and my dinner stays in my stomach.  Jerry says that he’s just received a message from the entire WWE Universe, and he quotes: “Will you please SHUT UP?”  Really, Cole, nobody in their right mind would ever even think, say, or much less type, that Cole is handsome.  What he really is is a coward.  Cole says that Jerry can’t touch him or he’ll be ordered, but Jerry slams the laptop shut.

    Cole says it still works.

    “I assure you that Michael Cole is not a coward.  And King, neither are you.  That’s why I know that even though your body hasn’t fully recovered, you can’t wait to exact revenge.  Therefore, tonight, WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley will take on the team of Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Randy Orton.”

    Punk is backstage and says that McGuillicutty’s in and passed with flying colors.  Husky’s next.  His initiation, if he chooses to accept, is in his left hand.  He will willingly, without reprisal, take three lashes from everybody, with… a strap? A belt? Something.  Husky says he accepts.  Punk tells him to take the shirt off.  Husky takes the shirt off, and Otunga starts.  Justin’s next, and doesn’t seem as anxious as Otunga was.  Slater comes up, and seems more discontent with the belt than with Husky.  Punk tells them to get Husky up and hold his arms.  Then, Punk delivers eight quick snaps with the belt.


    @RhymesWithPen CM Punk is treating Nexus like a frat, but lets be serious, no frat would ever allow Heath Slater to be a brother …

    @KeepItFiveStar This is payback for the last week’s RAW/Smackdown with all that wrestling

    @Niki_Sushi I have officially gotten to the point that until I see Cole, I literally can NOT hear him. I’ve blocked him out. #BWF #RAW

    @kickoutblog Just when you thought it couldn’t get creepier than the opening segment, New Nexus turns to S&M

    @jaded_prinz Ugh Raw has now turned into mini Bondage bear porn featuring a submissive Husky Harris lol

    @dasharpshooters I guess Husky couldn’t remember the safe word. #wwe #raw

    United States Champion Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry with The Bella Twins vs Ted DiBiase and Tyson Kidd with Maryse

    Bryan and DiBiase start out the match with Bryan dominating.  However, Bryan gets distracted and goes to take Kidd out of the match, but DiBiase throws him out of the ring.  Kidd sneaks in a hit real quick and then DiBiase brings Bryan back in.  DiBiase tags in Kidd, who keeps Bryan in the corner.  Kidd distracts the ref, and DiBiase chokes Bryan.  Kidd tags in DiBiase, and DiBiase gets Bryan in the center of the ring with a headlock.  Bryan fights out and bounces off the ropes, hitting a hard clothesline on DiBiase.  Bryan tags in Henry, and DiBiase tags in Kidd.  Kidd runs face first into a clothesline, and then is head butted to the ground.  Twice.  Kidd crawls away and Henry runs toward him in the corner, but Kidd dives over and tags DiBiase in.  They hit a double dropkick, but Ted is hit by a clothesline and Kidd is hit by Bryan.  Then, Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam for the win.

    Mark Henry and the United States Champion win via pinfall.

    Later tonight, WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley will take on Jerry “The King” Lawler (again) and Randy Orton.  We have The Big Show here tonight and we find out why next.


    @kickoutblog No Jackson Andrews with Tyson Kidd, I’m sure that tells you all you need to know about his WWE future.

    @TKeep123 This whole RAW is from a bad parallel world.

    @Niki_Sushi I’m not going to be happy with the Diva’s division until A) Bellas are fired for being stupid or B) Awesome Kong comes n eats them #BWF #RAW

    @HitTheRopes A couple years ago Mark Henry would have been ALL over them twins. #wwe

    @KeepItFiveStar Mark Henry continues to be a threat for the Royal Rumble

    On NXT, that guy with the giant nose was eliminated, and Dolph Ziggler said that he was terrible, and basically sucked.  Not like anyone cares about NXT.

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, it’s a big show!

    Between Alberto del Rio and The Big Show, we have been invaded by Smackdown.  Awesome.  And Show just wiggled his ass.  I’m so sorry to that guy in the front row.

    Show says thank you very much, and it’s great to be back on RAWR…er… RAW.  He is here to discuss some issues.  Number one is Wade Barrett.  He finds it funny that last week Barrett is knocked out of Nexus, and this coming up Smackdown, he wants to knock Barrett out! Number two, the Royal Rumble.  He’s letting every superstar know that they’re on notice.  The Big Show is coming to the Royal Rumble and he’s not playing games, go on and main event Wrestlemania-

    We walk alone…

    Punk, Gabriel, Slater, and Otunga make their way out to the stage, and Punk looks at Otunga, as do the rest of Nexus.  Otunga makes his way down to the ring, and this is apparently his initiation.  He looks back at Punk, who merely stares at him, and then makes his way into the ring.

    Show holds up a finger, and Otunga pushes it down and smacks Show’s ear.  Show looks at him, and Otunga looks like he’s just offering himself up for a smack, but then Show kicks him and then throws him out of the ring.  Show follows Otunga and chucks him over the announce table.  Punk rips his shirt (DAMN IT!), and then delivers that massive slap on the announce table.  Show yells at him, and then drops him right on the floor.  Show slams Otunga into the steel steps, and then shoves him into the ring.  He then choke slams Otunga.  Show then delivers the knockout punch to Otunga.  Punk, Slater, and Gabriel don’t move, except to raise their fists up.  I guess Otunga passed.

    Later, Cena will address Punk, and next up, John Morrison will take on King Sheamus.


    @seraphalexiel I think you can get arrested for this type of hazing

    @kickoutblog Seriously, if someone told me I could take 25 lashes from a leather belt or a 25% punch from Big Show, I’d ask for 50 lashes.

    @KeepItFiveStar And now the WWE, and Jack Link’s present: Messin With Sasquatch

    @RobMcNichol If Henry is Sexual Chocolate, Bryan Danielson must be Erotic Marshmallow.

    <VIDEO PACAKGE: Last week’s Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship>

    John Morrison vs King Sheamus

    Sheamus gets a good start in this match, but Morrison fights back, only to eat Sheamus’ knee with his stomach.  Sheamus stomps on Morrison, and then continues to methodically pick Morrison apart before bouncing him off his knee.  Sheamus goes for a  cover, but Morrison kicks out at two.  Sheamus puts his foot in Morrison’s throat and then steps off, dominating Morrison.  Morrison tries to fight back, but Sheamus puts a stop to that with his elbow in Morrison’s face.  Sheamus goes for a cover, but Morrison kicks out.  Sheamus puts Morrison into a vicious looking hold that my brain refuses to give me a name for, but Morrison fights out, climbing up to his feet only to take a hit from Sheamus. Sheamus goes to knee Morrison in the stomach again, but Morrison goes for a cover.  Morrison kicks out and picks up speed, getting the momentum.  He this a heel kick to the jaw before Sheamus crawls into the corner.  Sheamus, however, has none of that, and Morrison ends up on his stomach before kicking him again.  Morrison plants his feet in Sheamus’ face, and then pulls himself up with a very on-PG pelvic thrust, but Sheamus shoves him out of the ring instead of facing up against Starship Pain.


    Nobody tweeted anything that I could really use here, so here’s a picture for your entertainment.

    Drew McIntyre

    We come back to Sheamus dominating Morrison again, but Morrison fights out of the headlock.   He goes to Whip Sheamus, but Sheamus drops him onto his back and goes for the cover, only for Morrison to kick out at two.  Sheamus holds Morrison’s head off the apron, and drops hard elbows onto Morrison before letting him roll back into the ring and going for another cover.  Morrison kicks out at two again, and Sheamus puts him in another submission.  Morrison fights to his feet, and then out of the hold, fighting back against Sheamus with quick punches and kicks.  Morrison pulls Sheamus out of the corner, and then goes for the flash kick, but Sheamus ducks it.  Sheamus runs across the ring at Morrison, but Morrison pulls down the top rope and sends Sheamus out.  Morrison then jumps out of the ring, attempting a suicide dive, but Sheamus plants his knees into Morrison’s ribs.  Sheamus then plants Morrison onto the steel steps, ribs-first, and rolls him into the ring.  Sheamus gets ready to use the Brogue kick, but Morrison fell onto his ass, and Sheamus just kicks him in the back.  Sheamus then puts Morrison on the top of the turnbuckle and climbs up after him, because this always ends well, , but Morrison drops onto the steps and puts Sheamus’ face into the steel post before hitting something I missed and winning.

    John Morrison wins via pinfall.

    Now we’re reminded of McGuillicutty’s initiation into Nexus, then Husky’s initiation, and then Otunga’s demise at the hands of The Big Show.

    Punk is holding onto two Singapore canes, and says that Otunga did well and is in.  Punk says that Slater and Gabriel’s initiations… He’s not going to beat them with the kendo sticks, my bad, and Punk says that they’re going to beat each other with the kendo sticks until he tells them to stop.  Punk says he’s serious, and neither one looks like they want to do it, and this is going to be an EPIC LIGHTSABER DUEL!  Neither one moves to do anything, and Punk just watches like, “you fucking babies” before he stops them.  Punk says that if they’re not in, they’re out.  He expects home runs from all his soldiers, so swing for the fences.  Slater and Gabriel look at the frustrated Punk, weapons in hand, and Punk asks them if they’re going to hit him, then tells them to do it.  They both drop the Kendo sticks, and then walk out of the locker room.


    @TKeep123 Please…PLEASE hit Punk with those sticks! Get some balls! #WWE #RAW #BWF

    @HitTheRopes It’s a light sabers duel. #StarWarsMeetsWWE

    @Niki_Sushi Awwww! I’m so proud of Justin! Punk kinda looked like he was gonna eat their faces, though. #RUNFORTHEHILLS #BWF #RAW

    @stephensonmc @JustinG_Nexus twirled his kendo stick like he was Obi-Wan #Raw

    @YourBoyDrew So is anyone else convinced CM Punk runs a BDSM dungeon somewhere?

    The first inductee into the Hall of Fame class of 2011 is about to be announced!

    Jerry Lawler is in the ring and says that the greatest accomplishment of his career was being inducted into the Hall of Fame.  So many individuals, even in childhood, dream of competing in the ring, and less that 100 of them have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Hall of Famers share qualities like skill, drive, determination, charisma, and the respect of the WWE Universe, and the inductee he’s about to name, has earned the respect of the WWE Universe.  He deserves, more than any other, to be a first ballot nominee.  And it is the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels.

    I think I’m cute… I know I’m sexy…

    Holy shit, Shawn is there.  I hate them right now.  But it’s a personal thing.  Just ignore me now.

    Shawn takes the mic and motions for silence, but a one more match chant start-

    Del Rio walks out, obviously not even caring.  HE says his name is Alberto del Rio, and Shawn stares at him.  Del Rio says that we already know that, and he, he is Shawn Michaels, the Heart Break Kid, the Legend, the Icon, the Showstopper.  These people used to cheer Shawn.  An HBK chant starts.  Del Rio says but now, they cheer him.  Which is greeted by a giant boo.  It’s simple, del Rio says, that he’s the present and the future of the WWE.  And Shawn is just history.  After del Rio wins the Royal Rumble match, he’s going to win the Heavyweight or the WWE title, and after that, he will be known as the New Mr. Wrestlemania.  And Shawn says nothing, just gives him a good dose of Sweet Chin Music.  He then pockets his microphone like a gun, and makes sure his shoe isn’t scuffed up.  Shawn then takes the scarf and dances his way back up the stage.


    @FrankWWEClown Congratulations to @ShawnMichaels_ Can’t wait to be there live to see one of my childhood heros get inducted. #HBK #WWE #RAW

    @Lunna1969 Omg I’m actually crying cause I’m so happy! Congrats @ShawnMichaels_

    @TKeep123 HBK into the #WWE Hall of Fame! Works for me! Well deserved! #WWE #RAW #BWF

    @CMPunkSays I am grinning my face off. #HBK #WWE

    @Niki_Sushi I just joygasm’d right here. Very few people have done everything Shawn did and incited the same love and adoration he has. #ThankYouShawn

    @Niki_Sushi Shawn, keep that scarf. You’ll need it for the weather down there. #BWF #RAW

    @HitTheRopes Shawn Michaels didn’t plan on going hunting but he just bagged himself a wild Del Rio.

    @KeepItFiveStar Alberto Del Rio and his scarf just got Sweet Chin Music! That’s unfair. The scarf had nothing to do with this!

    @TKeep123 Is there anyone that doesn’t see Sweet Chin Music in ADR’s future? #WWE #RAW #BWF

    @Saiyavenger Sweet Chin Music. Still epic in ways even complex flippy-dippy finishers only wish they could be.

    @RingsideRants ADR had time to shower and put a suit on after his match, but Otunga couldn’t even change his shirt?

    Riley is excited about Lawler and Orton being in the ring at the same time, but Miz doesn’t seem excited, and asks what’s wrong with Miz.  Miz says that in two week’s time, he’s attacked a Hall of Famer and defended his title in a match that people should be talking about.  But no, people are talking about Randy Orton.  People are saying that it’s a fact that Randy will win The Miz’ championship at the Royal Rumble.  NO matter what he does, people won’t give him the respect that he has earned.  Tonight, in their match, he doesn’t just want to beat them, he wants to demoralize, embarrass, and hurt them, so they can show the world that the only fact is that he’s going to be the WWE Champion for a very, very long time.  Alex starts to say his catchphrase, but Miz stops him and says that catchphrases are for closers, and he won’t’ say it until after he finishes Randy Orton tonight

    Cole is in the ring and says that they are about to be joined by John Cena.  Two weeks ago, John Cena was assaulted by the new Nexus and their soon-to-be new leader, CM Punk.  Punk interrupts from on top of the tron, which is pretty badass.  Punk says that they are through talking about John Cena, and this is the CM Punk show now.  What he wants to talk about is the new Nexus.  What tonight has shown is that McGuillicutty, Harris, and Otunga have proven themselves strong enough to be in the new Nexus.  They sacrificed themselves through their initiations, and now he is prepared to do the same.  His initiation will be the ultimate sacrifice, and it is his hope and dream that through his sacrifice, it will prove that not only was he a member of Nexus, but he was their leader.  Should he dive off this tro- Jesus Christ Nashville wants death.  Fucking hell.  Punk asks if he should break every bone in his body, rupture every muscle, and Matthews says no.  So do I.  Punk spreads his arms, and pauses.  He says there’s one question he needs to ask: How gullible are all of you people?  He’s wearing a bright yellow harness.  He has two guys spotting him.  He’s safer there than anyone in their seats.  He then says what kind of an idiot jumps off the tron?  Consider themselves initiated, Nashville, they are all the biggest, mindless, group of sheep – JERICHO! – he has ever seen in his entire life.  The injured, but members, of Nexus make their way out to the ring, short Gabriel and Slater.

    Punk is in the ring now and says that if anyone watching actually thought he was going to jump off the tron, they are stupid.  He takes off his shirt, and says that as we can see, he’s wearing a safety harness, and then says that someone who would consider doing such a rash thing, is mentally challenged (still hating on Jeff Hardy! =D), and he is mentally superior.  There’s never been a thought in his mind to jump off the tron, he doesn’t need their approval or initiations, and he is the leader of the new Nexus.  Punk says that Cena is no longer there.  He got rid of Cena.

    Cena’s voice comes and Cena says that he’s there, on that big screen you were gonna jump off of.  Cena proceeds to insult him and that kind of thing, and says that he is wasting everyone’s time.  Why would he bother to give the new Nexus a physical imitation?  He’s already given them one.  He said he would get his hands on each and every member of the Nexus, and he di-wait.  There’s a new member he hasn’t managed to initiate, and that’s CM Sucks.  Punk says he’s not afraid of John, and he will not stand in his ring on his show and be intimidated by John.  John says prove it.  Next week, CM Sucks faces John Cena in a match.  Punk says that he accepts.  Cena says he was hoping that Punk would.  All those things Punk has been saying about Punk, they’re right.  If you provoke him, he’s the most animalistic, brutal, violent, physical man on the planet.  That means, next week, Punk gets dealt with.  As sure as Cena wears purple and the sun rises in the morning, Punk gets dealt with.  Next week, it’s not about t-shirts and armbands, it’s about him whooping Punk’s ass.

    Up next, the WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley will take on Jerry “The King” Lawler and Randy Orton.


    @Niki_Sushi What kind of idiot jumps off the Tron?! Me: Jeff Hardy? #BWF #RAW

    @KeepItFiveStar “What kind of an idiot jumps off the tron?!” Jeff Hardy

    @kickoutblog Punk is gonna Shane-O-Mac it up there.

    @CMPunkSays I really wish John Cena wouldn’t bury the best thing in the WWE. That’s just… it’s just wrong.

    @ThingsColeSays “CM Sucks” has to stop.

    @kickoutblog John Cena’s been watching George Carlin.

    @JonHexLives It’s like indie Punk has come back. #WWE #RAW #BWF


    The WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley vs Jerry “The King” Lawler and Randy Orton

    Alex Riley and Jerry Lawler start the match, and Lawler goes for Miz, who jumps off the edge of the ring.  Riley takes advantage and knocks Lawler down.  Riley tags Miz in and Miz knocks Lawler across the ring.  Lawler gets Miz down on the mat and begins to pound him.  Miz runs out of the ring, but Lawler follows closely.  Lawler then bounces Miz’ head off the announce table before sending him into the apron, and then into the steel steps.  Miz rolls into the ring off a punch in the face, and then Miz sends his elbow into Lawler’s face and tags in Riley.  Lawler sends Riley to the ground and tags in Orton.  Riley backs away from Orton who follows, upper cutting him in the corner.  The ref has to forcibly remove Orton from Riley, and Orton goes back, Whipping Riley across the ring, only to get a kick to the stomach.  Miz is tagged in and hit with a clothesline before Orton stomps on Miz’ face once, then again.  Orton then stomps on his stomach and steps on him, tagging in Lawler.  Lawler gets Miz to his feet and punches Miz to his knees, twice, three times.  King proceeds to unload on Miz in the corner, the referee having to force Lawler off.  Miz retaliates with a kick to the face, and then goes over Lawler and punches him repeatedly, having to be forced off by the ref.  Miz then sends Lawler to the mat before putting him in a headlock.  Lawler fights up to his feet, but gets a knee to the midsection for his troubles.  Miz then hits his swinging corner clothesline, sending Lawler face first into the mat.


    @KeepItFiveStar C’mon Randy Orton. How you gonna wipe your mouth before coming out to wrestle? Didn’t wash your hands or anything.

    We come back to Riley dominating over Lawler, and Riley runs shoulder first into the turnbuckle as Lawler rolls over, and nearly goes to tag in Miz.  Riley runs to Lawler, and gets punched in the face for his troubles.  Lawler reaches for Orton, but Riley tries to get Miz.  Riley manages to tag Miz in, and Lawler technically tags in Orton, but Orton never saw it.  Miz sets up the Skull Crushing Finale, but Orton gets in and manages to hit the RKO.  Lawler goes for the cover as Orton hides behind the apron, and Riley breaks it up.  Riley makes Miz tag him in, but Lawler manages to tag in Orton.  Orton hits the scoop slam, and then the back breaker on Riley, all the while, keeping an eye on Miz too.  Riley rolls under the ropes, but Orton grabs him and hits that DDT.  He then hits the mat and sets up for the RKO.  Miz tries to sneak in, but Orton sees him, and Miz slips back out.  Riley stands up and tries for something, but Orton hits the RKO.  Orton keeps his focus on Miz.  Orton moves back and tags in Lawler while Orton stares at Miz.  Lawler then drops his right hand on Riley for the win.

    Randy Orton and Jerry “The King” Lawler win via pinfall.

    Next week, CM Punk and John Cena will finally face off!!

    Tonight’s RAW was made up for by the fact that del Rio got Sweet Chin Music’d by Shawn Michaels.  And… I wasn’t fond of the main event, but I’m starting to get sick of Jerry wrestling.  It’s a personal thing, I suppose.  Anyway.  We’ll see what happens next week!  Later!

  4. Merry Christmas!


    It’s that time of year again ladies and gents. The time of year when Mr. Santypants decides to amble down your chimney with all the grace of Big Daddy V after one too many sherries and leaves all those shiny new presents for you to open come the morning. The day when family members converge upon your home as if their lives depend on it, shower you with gifts, get hideously pissed and fall asleep in YOUR seat. Ahhhh how I love the Christmas season.Not being religious in the slightest (and actually hating the bloody waste of time), Christmas doesn’t mean what it probably should in the Kennedy household. In saying that, how many families actually use it as a celebration of the birth of Jebus? Certainly not the McMahon family, for as we all know – they are Satanists.

    Your friendly BWF-community nonsense-spouter merely wished to drop by and leave his best wishes to each and every single one of you for the holiday season. I’ve managed to Facebook quite a few of you to wish you a happy one but for those I haven’t managed to get a hold of, have an utterly fantastic day. I really hope there are countless goodies for you to rip open come the morning and that there are no nasty, unwanted surprises in there. Yours truly has actually been pretty damn lucky in that regard over the years. I tend to have family and friends with awesome taste who give me presents which never fail to leave me smiling. May you all have the same luck as I!

    In all seriousness however, enjoy, enjoy and enjoy again. Have a drink, be merry and for god sakes keep your clothes on. Nobody wants to see you in nothing but the Santa hat..

    There will be a new and fresh article descending upon the homepage very soon but for now, I’ll sign out and let you get back to stuffing your turkey. Ooer! TAKE IT HOME!