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  1. Destination X: Will We Care?

    Destination X, is about two weeks away. Two more three way tournaments to go through, leading to the four man Ultimate X match for a contract with the company. So far, I beg for Austin Aries to win because I like his personality. Which means he has one akin to Kendrick,Kaz,Gen-Max and I think Robbie […]

  2. iMPACT Wrestling 06/09/2011-review

    Welcome again to another wonderful Pintnoir Impact review. No declaration of struggling to watch the show, just plain old ‘noir coming to terms with this new direction good and bad. Bad- Bischoff and Hogan come to the ring, cocky as always as they proclaim that iMPACT Wrestling is now back in better hands minus a […]

  3. Rebooting the Knockouts

    In my first post I commented on how the current TNA regime containing Hogan & company could be put to pasture during Bound for Glory. This would be an excellent time to “reboot” the knockouts. Think of how with the big money succubi gone, the true workers could be brought back in. The most important […]

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