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The founder of and it’s parent company, Fropac Entertainment, ThinkSoJoE has been a wrestling fan since he first saw WWF television in 1986 at the age of four. His first wrestling memory was Hulk Hogan on Saturday Night’s Main Event talking about getting King Kong Bundy in a cage at WrestleMania 2. Sixteen years later, he met Hulk Hogan on the eve of WrestleMania X-8. On December 9, 2013, he legitimately won a Slammy Award (Best Crowd of the Year). ThinkSoJoE currently hosts the weekly BWF Radio podcast.

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  1. Late posts this week

    Hey guys, I just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up that the posts won’t be up right away after the shows this week – Wednesday’s Podcast will be unaffected.  I usually post my reviews at work after the shows are over, but we’re apparently going to be without power there for another […]

  2. Batista bores me on 6/13/08

    I’ll be honest.  I haven’t watched SmackDown in a little while, and as of right this second, I haven’t watched tonight’s episode either.  I’ve got it on my DVR, and am watching the show, so I’m going to do this a little differently than I’ve done with RAW, ECW, and iMPACT.  I’m going to sit […]

  3. That Angle Show – 6/12/08

    I love it when we get decent world title matches on free TV (though, technically, since I’m paying $105 a month for cable, is it really free?).  To be honest, Kaz vs. Samoa Joe was a pretty solid match.  Unfortunately for them, they took a back seat to the continuing saga of Kurt and Karen […]

  4. Coming next week: BWF Podcast!

    Well, I actually wanted to start Podcasting here on BoredWrestlingFan this week, but something came up and I wasn’t able to.  Starting next Wednesday, I’ll be doing weekly Podcasts, so be sure to check those out. Right now, though, I want to give you guys an idea of what we’re going to do here on […]

  5. The Adamle Hour on Sci-Fi for 6/10/08

    Call me crazy (or, if you prefer, “Jamaican Me Crazy”), but I actually enjoy ECW on Sci-Fi, even in this post-Joey Styles era.  As long as Kelly Kelly and Layla aren’t having some stupid dance-off.  I’m watching an hour long wrestling program, not Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance?”  Anyhow, tonight’s edition was pretty […]

  6. Hey Mr. McMahon, where’s my money?

    I guess the odds aren’t all that great.  After all, millions upon millions of fans signed up for Mr. McMahon’s Million-Dollar Mania, right?  Realistically, Mr. McMahon doesn’t have to pay me to watch his television programming – I’ve been doing that on my own for over twenty years, sometimes paying him for the priviledge.  But […]

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