1. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it – I’m a huge fan of Robert Roode and James Storm as a tag team.  Which is why I actually enjoyed last night’s episode of iMPACT.  Despite all the crap that happened in the main event at Victory Road, iMPACT focused more on Beer Money than any other performers.  They went around whipping virtually everybody, including wrestlers, security guards, and fans.  Meanwhile, Samoa Joe is letting Booker T keep the TNA Championship belt, while Team 3D and Kurt Angle swear that Sting is on their side.

    Results and what will probably be some not-so-in-depth analysis after the jump!

  2. BWF Podcast 5 (Right click, save as)

    Alright, we’ve had a crazy podcasting week – and as of this moment, the only podcast available on the site is the newest one – an audio podcast taken from what was going to be a video podcast.  Then the cats managed to cut off power to my modem about halfway through the video upload, so I nixed that idea in favor of the audio.  Then our podcasting software wasn’t working, thanks to an upgrade of our main software.  For now we’ve got a replacement, but the previous Podcasts won’t work, and after all the crap I just went through trying to get this one up, I don’t really feel like going back and fixing them, especially when I’m probably going back to the old software once an update for that comes out.  Anyways, enjoy!

  3. Greetings!  We’re doing ECW Real-Time tonight!  What I’ll do to keep the front page clean is post the quick results up here, and the detailed results in the full post.

    Tommy Dreamer was kicked out of the building by Teddy Long after bashing Mark Henry across the skull with a frying pan.

    Mike Knox d. Shannon Moore

    Evan Bourne d. Chavo Guerrero

    Colin Delaney is attacked by Mark Henry backstage

    The Hardy Boyz d. The Miz and John Morrison in a non title match.

    Full details after the jump!

  4. RAW has been unpredictable as of late, which has been a very good thing.  However, I think it all stops next week.  The reason?  Shane and Stephanie announced on RAW tonight that if the superstars and crew can’t band together to make the show run smoothly, actions will be taken – and William Regal’s suspension via the wellness policy ends later this week.  I don’t expect them to make an announcement on WWE.com or at the bash, but I do expect an announcement at the start of RAW, much like the ones we’ve been getting over the last few weeks, re-instating William Regal as the RAW General Manager.  That said, tonight’s RAW was the craziest one in quite a while.  Despite the pleas from Shane and Stephanie McMahon, there was no order whatsoever in this show – and to quote DDP, that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing.  Where to begin?  Well, the beginning I suppose.

    WWE RAW results and in depth analysis, after the jump!

  5. Despite matches featuring the WWE Champion, the US Champion, the WWE Tag Team Champions, and the two women who will be competing for the new Divas Championship at The Great American Bash, this show was completely centered around the relationship between the number one contender for the WWE Championship, Edge, and his former fiancee, SmackDown General Manager Vicki Guerrero.  Not that I’m complaining – I’m a huge Edgehead.  I just think the champions should’ve had some mic time or something, since, y’know, they are champions.  Oh well, whatever.  Not really much to this week’s show – not saying it wasn’t entertaining, there just wasn’t much to it.

    The review, after the jump.

  6. I’ll be honest, iMPACT wasn’t overly horrible this week – but I was barely able to pay attention because I had other stuff going on while the show was on.  That said, I’ll try my best to give the show a pretty fair review; after all, we don’t want Disco Inferno whining on his blog about how internet wrestling writers are unfair to the TNA product again, now do we?  Of course, it’s not hard to rip on TNA’s booking decisions – there’s a pay-per-view coming up this Sunday, and last night’s show took most of the focus off of the main event and shifted it elsewhere.  Hell, the World Champion was overshadowed by a returning Sting in his only segment on the show, not to mention that four of the six guys in one of the other huge matches for this Sunday weren’t even on the show.  Yes, Disco – us internet writers are unfair to the TNA product.

    Results and not-so-in-depth analysis after the jump.

  7. ECW used to be the best show of the week, every week.  Now, I barely feel like reviewing it.  I’m not going extremely in depth this week, but here are the things that bug me:  Finlay and Hornswoggle apparently getting another tag title shot; guys changing their names after their debut (Atlas Ortiz is now Ricky Ortiz), and Hall of Famers making heel turns on C shows.

    Whatever – the review, after the jump.

  8. I gotta say, I loved the atmosphere on RAW last night. It hearkened back to the 90’s, where anything could, and usually would happen on the Monday night wrestling programs.  Some of it may have been intentional, but the reactions of people involved at least made it seem like they weren’t.  I’ll talk about that more in depth later on in the article.  I’ve also figured out why the younger set love John Cena – his humor is on the same level as theirs, which is another thing I’ll discuss more in-depth as the review goes on.

    That said, let’s jump right in – after the jump!

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