1. Due to the length of today’s post, I have edited it to better suit the front page.  The draft picks will be listed here by brand at the top of the post, and the in-depth analysis will be found after the jump.


    1. Jamie Noble
    2. Deuce
    3. Chuck Palumbo
    4. Matt Striker
    5. Layla
    6. Kofi Kingston


    1. Trevor Murdoch
    2. Big Daddy V
    3. DH Smith
    4. Brian Kendrick
    5. Maria
    6. Shelton Benjamin
    7. Carlito


    1. Mark Henry
    2. Hornswoggle
    3. Super Crazy
    4. Finlay

    Full analysis of the 2008 supplemental draft picks, after the jump!

  2. Well, the WWE Draft was last night.  ECW lost a couple guys to RAW, and gained one from SmackDown.  The first superstar on tonight’s show was the newest member of ECW, Matt Hardy.  His tag team partner for the night, one of the newest RAW superstars, former ECW superstar CM Punk.  The main event for the night featured SmackDown superstar Mark Henry taking on ECW Champion and current RAW superstar, Kane.  Why bother with the draft and the brand extension if you’re going to have the guys wrestle on different brands anyway – especially RAW draftees going back to wrestle on ECW.  Does that mean JR can work RAW next Monday in Oklahoma City?  Speaking of the draft, I know this is the ECW post, but there is going to be a supplemental draft today at noon on WWE.com – we’ll have LIVE coverage here on BWF – unless of course I fall asleep.

    ECW review, after the jump!

  3. Obviously, if you saw the draft edition of WWE RAW last night, you probably know what happened to Mr. McMahon at the end of the show, and you’re probably finding this site through some search such as “Is Mr. McMahon ok” or “Tower falls on Mr. McMahon.”  Was it real?  In a word, no.  My suspension of belief suspended itself during the segment – because it conveniently happened at 11:03PM Eastern Time, right after Mr. McMahon gave away $500,000.  Not to mention that it was painfully obvious that he didn’t get hurt at all, even with the Million Dollar Mania sign “falling on him.”  So I’m not going to waste any more time on it, but I am interested to see where they go with it.  By the way, if you don’t remember, at the end of last year’s draft edition of RAW, Mr. McMahon blew up in his limo.

    Anyways, I made my predictions in yesterday’s post, and I actually got three right – including the night’s first pick, Rey Mysterio coming to Monday Night RAW!  If you told me yesterday though, that Triple H and Jim Ross would be making their way over to SmackDown, I would’ve told you that you’re crazy.  Mr. McMahon said it was time to shake things up again, and how right he was.  Other big names switching shows last night include the ECW Champion Kane heading to RAW, and US Champion Matt Hardy heading over to ECW just after his brother came to SmackDown.

    The rest of the draft choices, and the matches that got them there, after the jump!

  4. Well, I figure, what kind of a sports-entertainment blog would this be without a prediction article for tonight’s WWE Draft?  Since we don’t know the format of the draft at this time, I’m going to give you five picks for each brand and a reason behind my pick.  However, first, we’re going to talk about a rumor going around…

    Rumor has it that John Cena might end up back on SmackDown after the draft.  I will tell you that I think it’s a good idea, if it’s true.  I know I mentioned in my audio the other day that Cena feuding with Edge will still not be the feud the brand needs at the top of it’s card, but I also think that RAW’s title picture needs a change of scenery.  Obviously we have HHH taking on Cena at Night of Champions for the WWE Championship, which is a rivalry that’s become pretty stale.  The match could benefit from a major twist – that being that Cena gets drafted away from RAW to SmackDown tonight, and then the match at Night of Champions becomes about more than Triple H and John Cena.  It becomes about RAW fighting to keep the WWE Championship and prevent it from going to SmackDown with Cena.  It would put some life back into the Cena-Hunter storyline, and would also mark the end of it.

    My picks for each brand, after the jump!

  5. Well, once again, I fell asleep during Friday Night SmackDown.  This week, Batista hadn’t even been on my TV yet when I fell asleep.  I actually dozed off during a match between the obscenely talented and underpushed Jamie Noble and that Russian guy, Vladimir Koslov.  Ironically, last night in my iMPACT review, I was impressed by another Russian wrestler, Alex Koslov (no relation, I’m sure).  Anyways, the show pretty much centered around La Familia and Vicki Guerrero’s abuse of power.  MVP kicked off the show saying that he’d be happy to go to another brand where they’ll utilize his talents properly, when he’s interrupted by Guerrero, who puts him in a match with Kane.  Chavo Guerrero was booted from ringside during a match between Matt Hardy and Bam Neeley, and referee Charles Robinson was forced to compete in a match against The Great Khali.  Edge offered to take care of Matt Hardy for Chavito next week, if Chavito took care of Batista tonight.

    A quick review and overall thoughts of the show, after the jump!

  6. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve only seen half of last night’s iMPACT.  Not the first half.  Not the second half.  The middle half.  I woke up late again, this time around 9:30, got straight out of bed and tuned into Spike TV.  Then left around 10:30.  So I literally only watched half of iMPACT, and I suppose I should really only opine on what I managed to catch.  However, taking liberties with his wording from the message boards on WorldWrestlingInsanity.com, I’ll be using Fritz Stephey’s real-time iMPACT coverage to form my assessment of the show.  Fritz actually said I could use his column, but then this article wouldn’t be a BWF exclusive like everything else on here, now would it?

    Anyways, I’m going to skip the opening rant about stupid things on the show, mostly because I didn’t really watch enough of it to form a decent opinion.  So a quick review, and thoughts on the show, after the jump!

  7. Since the show this week is kicking off with the entrance of Hornswoggle, l think I’ll start by building on a thought I had this past Friday night in my SmackDown review.  Hornswoggle and his “father” Finlay are in line for a WWE Tag Team Title match against The Miz and John Morrison.  It was made official on last night’s show, as ECW General Manager Teddy Long gave the family from Ireland official contracts for a title match at Night of Champions.  Here’s what I want to know – why does the ECW General Manager have the authority to book a match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships?  Granted, the champions are ECW superstars, but still, wouldn’t the WWE Tag Team Titles be under the jurisdiction of SmackDown General Manager Vicki Guerrero?  If anything, she should be the one who made the match, with the story being that she wants SmackDown’s titles around the waist of SmackDown superstars.  In any event, the match is official, Finlay and Hornswoggle take on The Miz and Morrison at Night of Champions.

    Other thoughts on WWECDub, after the jump!

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