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  1. Not so Incredible

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    There is a topic that I need to talk about, but I will start by talking about something not so incredible. Raw last night was pretty bad. It was centered around somebody who wasn’t a major character-The Rock. All it does is show the wrestling world how little they have in John Cena. There were some good moments. Kharma (“Awesome Kong”) is money for the WWE if they do it right. The feud is ready-made with her and Kelly Kelly. And while I still think of Kelly Kelly as the girl who couldn’t unhook her bra on the first ECW on Sci-Fi show, it should be a really strong feud. Mason Ryan (“Matista”) looked like a million bucks last night. I see him being money; just don’t ask him to take a piss test. Great Khali in the tooth fairy outfit was awesome. This is entertainment. If you want to see pure wrestling, go find Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate USA or some other promotion.

    I hated the show centering around The Rock’s birthday. While I did like the VKM, appearance, the rest of the celebrities were just WWE getting to brag they were on their show. (And I hate to say it, but with the exception of Ellen, none of them were funny.) I hated the finish of the Miz/Cena match. The Pied Piper needs to come along and take all the Cena fans somewhere so we can get him off our tv. And I hated the WWE doing their 9/13 retrospective. At least they didn’t show Stephanie comparing 9/11 to when her dad got indicted for steroids.

    The more and more I think about it, the Raw wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t “incredible.”

    Now onto the meat of my rant: Dallas/Fort Worth has a lot of good wrestling promotions. I enjoy going to MPX. I know there’s LWA, NAWA, TWE, CWF, (Sorry if I forgot anybody) and the victim of today’s rant, Pro Wrestling Onslaught. I really wish I could go to all of them, but I have a wife and 2-year-old daughter. I can get my wife to do an MPX show once in a while (and the Christian Wrestling Federation once when AJ Styles worked), but I seriously thought about going to PWO. I casually know some of the guys who work there. My mother who is a teacher has worked really hard this year, and we love going to wrestling together, and I thought about taking her to celebrate all the work she’s put in this year. My mom and I used to go to indy wrestling together back in the day, so it was kind of a no-brainer.

    You see, PWO was advertising the former Portuguese Man-o-War, Justin Credible. I’m a total ECW mark. So here was one of the main eventers in ECW’s dying days. Hello, why not? I found my Justin Credible action figure (yes, I still have all my olf ECW action figures). People I respect in the industry said it was a really well-run show. I was ready to go.

    Then life happened. Work was brutal, and I just needed to rest after the week that had been. My grandfather was injured and my mom needed to take care of him. My daughter suffered a concussion, and we spent most of Saturday in the hospital. (Thanks to Joe for his well-wishes for my daughter.) I felt really bad about not going.

    Well, it turns out I’m not the only one who didn’t show up. The namesake of the show, Justin Credible, didn’t show up. I don’t know why he didn’t. I was not privy to the conversations or the details of his life. What I know is that according to the wrestlers that worked that night, he no-showed. It’s one thing for a wrestler to cancel at the last minute. While not optimal, it’s still good business to notify them through some method somehow. There’s emails, phone calls, text messages, the list goes on. It’s 2011. You have no excuse for no-showing.

    So fans, understand, if you see Justin Credible advertised, understand that there is a distinct possibility you won’t see him that night. Fans, promoters, wrestlers, take this into consideration before you book Justin Credible.

    Kudos should still be given to PWO. I heard that they had a strong main event nonetheless and brought home a very solid show.

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  2. WWE RAW & ECW on Sci Fi thoughts

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    Well, like I said yesterday, folks, I was under the weather.  I didn’t tell it to get up and move, like Drowgoddess suggested – it did that on it’s own.  Either that or it saw her comment and decided it didn’t want a Texas sized ass kicking.

    Hey, speaking of Texas sized ass kickings, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker will wrestle at WrestleMania!  They kicked off Monday Night RAW with a killer back and forth promo – probably one of the best promos in years in the WWE.  Undertaker was going to tell HBK to rest in peace, but HBK interrupted, saying he’d rest comfortably knowing that he ended the streak.

    More of RAW, and all of ECW, after the jump! (more…)

  3. ECW on Sci Fi results 9/16/08

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    Due to circumstances beyond our control, I wasn’t able to write up an ECW review for last night.  Here are the results, courtesy of WWE.com:

    WWE Universe: Don’t forget, in two weeks, ECW on Sci Fi will begin airing at 9/8 CT on Sept. 30!

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Both ECW Champion Matt Hardy and Mark Henry were victorious on ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday night, as the rivals are just weeks away from their ECW Title match at No Mercy.

    Henry sought retribution after last week’s ECW when Hornswoggle caused a distraction, leading Finlay to hit Henry with a shillelagh. With WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas in his corner, Henry got his revenge, causing Finlay’s luck to run out. Henry manhandled the Belfast Brawler throughout the match, but once The World Strongest Man cornered Hornswoggle, Finlay attacked Henry with the shillelagh for the second week in a row, an act unseen by the referee. While suffering through the pain inflicted on his arm by the shillelagh, Henry still dominated, pinning Finlay after a World’s Strongest Slam. Despite the win on ECW, The World’s Strongest Man has one thing on his mind – winning back the ECW Title he lost, without being pinned, during the ECW Championship Scramble Match at Unforgiven just nine days ago.

    Also on ECW, Matt Hardy proved once again why he’s the ECW Champion when he pinned Mike Knox for the second week in a row. Hardy delivered another Twist of Fate to the devious Knox, who wore the battle wounds on his face from last week’s tag team defeat by the ECW Champ. Hardy, who has proclaimed he wants to be the greatest ECW Champion of all time, is looking stronger than ever with another victory under his ECW Title.

    The rivalry between Evan “Air” Bourne and John Morrison & The Miz escalated to a new level this week when Bourne was accompanied to the ring by a fellow member of ECW General Manager Theodore Long’s New Superstar Initiative, Ricky Ortiz. Unlike last week, when The Miz distracted Bourne allowing Morrison to get the win, Bourne was victorious over The Miz this week in singles action. Morrison interfered by grabbing Bourne, prompting Ortiz to attack the Shaman of Sexy, distracting The Miz long enough for Bourne to roll up the self-proclaimed “Chick Magnet” for the victory.

    Finally, “The All-American American” Jack Swagger was successful once again, this time defeating Chase Stevens. After winning his second match on ECW with a Red, White and Blue Thunder Bomb, smiling Swagger is looking like another fine Extreme competitor to come out of the ECW New Superstar Initiative.

  4. RAW is Sci-Fi, 8/25/08


    This week’s RAW review here on BoredWrestlingFan.com is dedicated to the memory of reader JT’s cat Michael.  Sorry to hear about another loss to your feline family, my friend.  Tonight’s show features CM Punk taking on JBL, Kane taking on Batista, and Kofi Kingston challenging Santino Marella for the Intercontinental Championship.

    Full results and analysis, after the jump! (more…)

  5. ECW on Sci-Fi, 8/12/08

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    Last week on ECW, Colin Delaney helped Armando Estrada win his ECW contract in a match against Tommy Dreamer, and was put into an Extreme Rules match with the Innovator of Violence this week for his troubles.  Also, The Miz and John Morrison insulted both Champion and his SummerSlam challenger, leading to a match being signed pitting Miz and Morrison against the unlikely team of ECW Champion Mark Henry and Matt Hardy.  Matt Striker and Todd Grisham called the action for the second straight week.

    Results after the jump! (more…)

  6. (WW)ECW on Sci-Fi, 7/29/08

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    Sorry this post is extremely late today guys, I actually had most of it written last night and was expecting to have it up pretty early today, but then some douchebag didn’t show up for work, so I ended up stuck there for another two hours.  In any event, last night’s show was pretty decent, compared to other post-draft episodes of ECW on Sci-Fi, but if you missed it, unless you’re really bored you can probably skip the X-stream on WWE.com.

    Show results and analysis, after the jump!