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  1. Random Randomness

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    Well I’m back after a brief hiatus in which my surgery went well but then I ended up experiencing the worst pain ever to getting better to be here with you all today.  I was thinking about doing a “week in the life of” article on it but I figured you wouldn’t want to hear about my bodily functions anyway.  So since some things have been happening since I’ve ladt been here, lets talk about some of them: (more…)

  2. NXT Season 2 8/10

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    We start with an earlier today segment. Some sort of boxing challenge will be today’s challenge. Striker explains the rules and then Michael Cole and Josh Matthews try it out. Cole looks like an idiot, wearing a Miz shirt and Cena head and armbands with a toy belt.

    Matthews wins.

  3. NXT 5/25

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    We’re at the final four, but apparently that’s not a key moment as it was originally supposed to be, since we’re getting another elimination tonight.

    Also Daniel Bryan should be on the show, having another confrontation with Michael Cole.