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  1. Smackdown 06/21/13

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    Whelp, this will be a little different than normal. I’m whipping through Smackdown since Calgary will be going through rolling power outages tonight (or so the police scanner says), to deal with the massive flooding in this city. And let’s be honest here, there is no way Smackdown is topping either Payback or RAW which were both solid shows. Fortunately I prepared a little something something ahead of time this week, and some gifs so it feels kind of normal. But in all seriousness, I kind of need to watch the news to see what the fuck is going on in my hometown and how it affects me. Sorry.

    Sloshing time!


  2. The War On.. Five Years, Dailymotion’s Superiority and Columns

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    March 25th 2009.. I named this show ‘Wednesday Night Delight’? Am I serious? What the fuck was I on when I came up with a name like that? The names didn’t get much better either.

    W is for Wednesday, Wrestlemania and …
    Wednesday, Wednesday, Happy Days. Wednesday, Wednesday, Happy Days.

    and many more shockers. Until one day, a title came along, that with a slight modification, would become the title that would last..

    August 5th 2009 – The War On Everything

    From then on, The War On Everything, became The War On… and it became a staple of BoredWrestlingFan.com, until it stopped because I stopped watching. Wrestling that is. Not the website. I explain it all here, in my Three Year Anniversary special.

    Anyways, as this is now Five Years since we started this shindig, I guess there’s only one thing to do..

    Cue the Opening


  3. Smackdown 04/26/13

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    Hey! They’re in the U.K.! Also known as forced attempts to recreate the chants on RAW after WrestleMania 29 Land! YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH! Has anyone else noticed they changed Fandango’s music and added crowd noise? I did. Let’s get to “entertainment you” of a show. Hopefully Shannon Moore makes a surprise return? Only one way to find out. So step up on that stool and strap on your noose , folks…. It’s hopping time!
    Ok, it can’t be THAT bad. Nobody kill yourself, it’s just fucking wrestling. Go bitch about it on the internet like everybody else. That’s how we roll, peeps.
    In all seriousness, there will be a much watch match on this show, as you probably already know.

    Smackdown time… I guess.


  4. Random Randomness


    As I wonder if the cold and snow will ever end here (were probably gonna break a record this year) I sit and realize, wait this weekend both the AFC and NFC champions will be crowned.  I’ll have my picks later on in this article here’a a hint and possibly another here (sorry I just had to).  But hey I think there may be some wrestling to talk about: (more…)

  5. Merry Christmas!


    It’s that time of year again ladies and gents. The time of year when Mr. Santypants decides to amble down your chimney with all the grace of Big Daddy V after one too many sherries and leaves all those shiny new presents for you to open come the morning. The day when family members converge upon your home as if their lives depend on it, shower you with gifts, get hideously pissed and fall asleep in YOUR seat. Ahhhh how I love the Christmas season.Not being religious in the slightest (and actually hating the bloody waste of time), Christmas doesn’t mean what it probably should in the Kennedy household. In saying that, how many families actually use it as a celebration of the birth of Jebus? Certainly not the McMahon family, for as we all know – they are Satanists.

    Your friendly BWF-community nonsense-spouter merely wished to drop by and leave his best wishes to each and every single one of you for the holiday season. I’ve managed to Facebook quite a few of you to wish you a happy one but for those I haven’t managed to get a hold of, have an utterly fantastic day. I really hope there are countless goodies for you to rip open come the morning and that there are no nasty, unwanted surprises in there. Yours truly has actually been pretty damn lucky in that regard over the years. I tend to have family and friends with awesome taste who give me presents which never fail to leave me smiling. May you all have the same luck as I!

    In all seriousness however, enjoy, enjoy and enjoy again. Have a drink, be merry and for god sakes keep your clothes on. Nobody wants to see you in nothing but the Santa hat..

    There will be a new and fresh article descending upon the homepage very soon but for now, I’ll sign out and let you get back to stuffing your turkey. Ooer! TAKE IT HOME!

  6. iMPACT: 12/23/10



    ‘Ave a Olli Jolli Christmas! Man, for those not in the know, Toronto Maple Leafs fans FINALLY did something to endear them to me. They started the waffle meme.

    Often cited as one of the busiest shopping days of the year, December 23rd is one of madness in the malls. How better to celebrate the insanity, than to delve into the inane booking that is iMPACT? Furthermore, it’s the holiday season, and with that, I’ve invited a particular TNA talent to express his sentiments for merry times and jovial festivities! AJ?