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  1. Smackdown 11/1/13 edition

    Well here we go after coming off the heels of an epic Hell In A Cell ppv, well that’s what WWE will tell as they schill the replay, I still don’t know what happened. All I know is that Vacant got screwed, Sandow cashed in and lost, and Punk hit Heyman with a kendo stick […]

  2. Smackdown 10/25/13

    Here it is, the groove slightly transformed, a little break from the norm as I take over the Smack down duties for G for (hopefully) few weeks as he goes Maple Syrup hunting or whatever they do in Canada this time of year.  Why you ask would I take such a daunting task as to […]

  3. ROH results 9/21/13 Edition

    Well since I’ve already revealed the winner of the ROH World Title tournament on this past week’s edition of bWf radio, there is no real need to do this.  But I’m gonna pretend like you don’t know it yet and give you the results of this weeks round 2 matches.  Tommaso Ciampa def. Mike Bennett, […]

  4. ROH 9/31/13 Edition

    Yeah, yeah screw the RAW review, Smackdown review rules and Impact is getting there but lets not forget about our favorite program that we all forget about.  It’s also the show where Joe reminds us about how their production values suck every time we talk about it when we do but alas since this show […]

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