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  1. Smackdown 06/21/13

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    Whelp, this will be a little different than normal. I’m whipping through Smackdown since Calgary will be going through rolling power outages tonight (or so the police scanner says), to deal with the massive flooding in this city. And let’s be honest here, there is no way Smackdown is topping either Payback or RAW which were both solid shows. Fortunately I prepared a little something something ahead of time this week, and some gifs so it feels kind of normal. But in all seriousness, I kind of need to watch the news to see what the fuck is going on in my hometown and how it affects me. Sorry.

    Sloshing time!


  2. Claire Lynch (Julia Reilly) Has An Interesting Day Job


    As news broke last week about the identity of the actress behind Claire Lynch (i.e. Julia Reilly), much of her demo reel, social media, and youtube videos have been taken down. While she’s been the focal point on TNA’s AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels feud, she’s a little more involved in the local area than previously known.

    It turns out there is much more to TNA and Julia Reilly in relation to Universal Studios. Or so it would seem. We can only speculate, as this is the internet after all. But I think you’re going to dig this suckah!

  3. Smackdown 03/09/12

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    As the road to WrestleMania continues, tonight John Laurinaitis is taking over control of Smackdown. And with that, we can only expect madness, chaos, and certainly not Drew McIntyre… because he was fired. Or was he? Only time will tell, so let’s hop to it… shall we?

  4. Bruce Hart Interview on the Fan 960 (Audio).

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    Hi folks. Resident Cowtown BWF’er here. I wanted to share a link to an interview Bruce Hart did today on local sports radio station, the Fan 960, with radio sports jockey Rob Kerr. While Bruce has been making the rounds on various podcasts discussing his new book “Straight From the Hart,” this one has a local flavor. It comes to us from BWF follower, and commenter (hopefully future contributor) BaptisBlacktick.