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  1. RAW is ThinkSoJoE!


    Uh-Oh! It’s not the Big O, Broskis, it is in fact I, the ringleader of this little group of smarks we call BoredWrestlingFan.com, ThinkSoJoE!  Justin Ruff is not feeling well this evening and we wish him a speedy recovery as I dive head first into Monday Night RAW!  The best part about this is, I don’t know ANYTHING about tonight’s show other than Shawn Michaels is on it, so I can review this and give my thoughts as I initially watch.  And here you thought I only did the podcasts!

    Time for the dog show!  Oh wait, they don’t preempt RAW for that anymore.  You can watch it on CNBC, if you’re so inclined.  Except this aired 3 hours ago, so you can’t.


  2. Random Randomness


    Well it seems to me that the world is on fire and I just saved a bunch of money by not switching to Geico, I concur that reality is just something and nothingness is everywhere, but as we all know none of that really made any sense (except the Geico part) we shall take a look at the world as only the Random one sees it:


  3. Random Randomness


    Well hello there and welcome back to your weekly edition of things random in this world of wrestlingHope things are all well and as I get closer to death, I look out and see a lot on my plate before that happens so lets talk some wrestling shall we?: (more…)

  4. WWE No Way Out Thoughts

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    Today is a great day for BoredWrestlingFan – we’ve likely had our most articles posted in one day, what with the three earlier and now the No Way Out posting actually going up on the day of the show!

    It was a unique PPV to say the least, and whether or not I like the event in general is irrelevant.  What matters is that WWE put on a great show with a surprise here and there, and gives credible reasons for some of the rumored WrestleMania matches to happen.

    What happened?  Find out, after the jump! (more…)