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  1. iMPACT REVIEW 08-23-12 pintnoir

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    This week TNA goes SOA on us and for those not in the patch club should know that i talk of Sons of Anarchy:

    Aces and 8’s ride up on thier hogs and infiltrate the arena. And on Open Fight Night to take on Sting. And his friends. All this and James Storm after last week has been cleared of all the suspicision after taking a beating from the group last week.

    After renaming the show Ass-whooping Show, the show began. Oh and they mention that Hogan is pissed and in the building.

    Two members of the group show up and are let into the ring only to walk into a gang style initiation by the TNA roster. After taking a beating one member smiling through his blood pack tells them “:Thank You” and he was just patched in due to this. Sting hits him again.

    So Ms Tessmacher calls out Tara so she can beat her teacher and prove herself. I should of been impressed but it was short and sloppy and I smell a tessmacher heel turn in the works, after Tara beats her with a superplex from the top. Oh and Tif–Taryn Terrell was there to officate.

    The Camera Crew reshow The Pope getting beat down and show his twitter shoulder injury. Which sets up a triple threat match between AJ, Robbie and RVD since these are the men Pope was supposed to face. But first we have to get that pesky paternity situation out  the way with AJ and Claire.

    Why is it out of order? Because I’m just happy that the story is finally over and we can move on. Claire is not present according to Daniels because she ruptured a placenta and AJ should be ashamed of himself for being a “Bastard” All this before a female attorney comes out and reveals this whole sorted affair of Daniels and Kazarian approached Lynch back in January and hatched the whole plan of getting AJ Drunk and spiking his drink and taking pics. But she isn’t even pregnant and wants the local authorities contacted and apologizes for the whole scheme. AJ goes off and kicks Daniels in the head and misses Kaz to proudly announce he is not the father.

    Moving on….

    RVD vs AJ Styles vs Robbie E

    He we have the perpetual Jobber taking on two formidable opponent and Robbie E manages to pin RVD for the seven points. Maybe Hardy wasn’t a fluke.

    Kris Lewie vs Gunner

    Short, bad and he better not get a yes. I swear to God that he had a good story. But once in the ring he sucked worse than a jamacian bobsled team. Lets just hope that even though Gut check winners only go to developmental he should be passed on.

    Oh Gunner won by the way. I guess this beats wrestling Garett Bischoff.

    Not by much though.

    Jeff Hardy gets revenge on Rob Terry in short fashion and we move on to..

    Mr Anderson vs Bully Ray.

    Good Match between two charismatic guys that end when Anderson hits the mic check for the win. While this is going on Aces and 8’s are being fought backstage and when we think its done they call out in 3:30 they will unleash the Deadman’s hand. Sting and the TNA locker room come out in full force to face them. Aces and 8’s come through the crowd in vast numbers attacking the wrestlers. Aries gets his hand smashed between two chairs and when the original six stand tall in the ring Bully Ray of all people come out and clean house as Aces head back on thier bikes and high tail out of the arena.

    Good show that kept the pace quick and thankfully ended the Lynch saga. Here’s to the next month before Bound For Glory.

    -PNTnoir_ out

  2. TNA iMPACT 6/21/2012- Secret Revealed (Open Fight Night)


    Open Call Out


    Hulk Hogan puts over the Open Fight Night/Open Call Out and the Bound for Glory series tournament before moving on to A Double for his answer. (which has something to do with Plan C-check twitter for his response) Option A would have him hand over the title and challenge Roode at Destination X but if he lost he would have nothing. Option B he would decline and walk away still X Division champion and not be in the main event. And it appears Option C is where starting this year the current X Division champion will be allowed to turn in the belt for the chance at the World Title holder. Hogan is pleased. (So does that mean that if the X division champion loses he keeps the belt and if he wins we have an X division tournament for the title after the PPV? Um-okay.

    Roode of course comes out and throws a tantrum saying that the X Division title is a paper championship and that he is the real world champion Austin Aries calls him out and the two battle it out. Security/Referees come out to break it up. Anderson comes down out and announces that basically when they’re done with each other Anderson will be waiting.

  3. Impact Wrestling-The Plot against Roode


    Oh I actually find myself loving Impact Wrestling’s opener with Hogan trying to decide who should take out err on Roode for the title before he amasses the longest reigning champion title which is currently being held by AJ Styles. Outside of that the interaction between Ray, Angle Styles and Hogan with Hardy sitting on his hands (not much on mic skills) debating back and forth about who should get the shot was a breathe of fresh air. But

    Then Gail Kim with the love struck Madison came out to talk about being a dominate champion only to show a shot of Angelina Love count on her hands all the times she won the title. She goes on about her one blimish being the loss to a man/woman? tag team of EY and ODB and wanting to rectify that.

    I won’t go into detail lets just say that Spike must of laxed there no male on female violence stance because EY gets some body slams and headlocks on Gail and Madison before the heels win when Madison holds the legs of ODB so Gail could pin her. But again I’m confused because its Open Fight Night and when you call out someone their title has to be defended but Tenay still calls EY and ODB champions? Whats up with that?

    So after RVD lost in his bid against Roode for the title, he had a smokers moment and said to himself “Hey, how was I not able to compete since Genesis?, Oh yeah some dude named Gunner was responsible.” We have him call out the Gunned one and commence to beat on each other for 5 minutes before RVD gets the win with an insane Five Star Frog Splash.

    Then we step into the nepotism zone as Devon comes out and calls out Garett for a shot at the Television title. We get a mostly Devon controlled match. And in one of the most stupidly comical spot of the night Garett pulls off a swinging neckbreaker pauses and waits for the applause. Rob T and Rob E. come out an beat on them until the faces get the upper hand and embrace at the end.  YEAH! we have the continuing Robbie E saga and nepotism wrapped into the same match someone please shoot those two. (Not really because thats conspiracy to commit murder.)

    Speaking of murder Joseph Parks attempt at getting Bully Ray to admitting to doing….(Abyss is alive and no longer missing..oh) in his brother Chris you know Abyss. After the Abyss reveal no matter how cool, it kind of took the air out of the story so what will be the payoff. Because Abyss is back with a warning to his brother for playing to close to the fire. Which I’m guessing is Bully Ray.  So Park wants a mock trial so the fans can have their say and Ray can be judged by a jury of his peers, the fans. Wouldn’t his peers be the locker room?

    Ray beats on Parks and we solve absolutely nothing.

    Then comes one of the best segments when Joey Ryan who looks like a 70’s porn star takes on his 90’s equilvalent in Aries. Good and short. The best part is when Ryan flicks his mustache sweat in Aries eyes. Aries wins with a brain buster.

    World Heavyweight title time as Roode takes on AJ. After Hogan eliminated the other three throughout the night.

    Roode wins. Beats AJ’s record for being the longest reigning champion in TNA history. He celebrates and Hogan the chief conspirator calls in his friend The Insane Icon Sting shouting “Its Showtime” as Sting beats on Roode and then announces the new time slot but forgets to mention it will be live which thankfully Tenay fixes and we fade out

    Sting vs Roode in a Lumber jack match at the top of the live show should give a fun feel to it.

    PNT NR out.


  4. iMPACT Wrestling – Road to Slammiversary


    Roode comes out. The cocky heel is eladed that in one week he will be the longest reigning TNA World Champion in the history of the company. He wants to throw a bash. So he calls out Hogan and gives him his list of demands

    What got me was Canadian confetti, where champions are made. I couldn’t stop laughing. Hogan playing the face GM tears up his demands and tells him that he will defend the title on Open Fight Night. So Hogan sets up some matches for tonight, Bully Ray vs RVD, Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Anderson, Samoa Joe vs Angle and a Battle Royal. After all that Hogan will pick the challenger for next week.

    That is a whole lot of matches for just one contender but Hogan is the face GM and impartial.

    First up is Bully Ray vs RVD which should make everyone nostalgic for ECW but that would be the wrong company. Bully Ray takes on Van Dam’s injured parts and pulls out a victory. I have a feeling one day that they will put the belt on Bully Ray and I would be fine with that.

    King Mo is coming to TNA and I’m late on that but yeah I saw the video and thought okay I could see that once he’s done healing his knee. Then I went online and saw that Brooke Hogan would be in charge of the knockouts in a backstage compacity? Because she has been involved in the business for ever like Garett so automatically she is given a job that would put her on TV more which since her dad has been on TNA she has made numerous blink and miss em appearances. But now she is directing the knockouts?! Where is Dutch (Mantel) when you need him.

    End rant. The mystery of who is Madison’s suitor is now on the mind of creative. She bails on Gail as she follows the scent of love. Then the Hooter’s girl and the would be porn star (had she not tried wrestling) Ms Tessmacher (former) and Velvet Sky (latter) confront Mrs (Recently got married and can’t remember the guys name) Gail and tell her she will be losing the title tonight. Yeah she should be so shaking in her boots.

    Then we have the Battle Royal, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Gunner, Crimson, Eric Young, Garett Bishoff, Devon, Magnus, The Two Robbies  and ODB?! Make their way to the ring in what must surely be a farce. Crimson goes out with EY and ODB who clothesline him so hard that all THREE go out! So now Crimson is feuding with EY and ODB, Rob E takes out his partner Rob T before being thrown out by Devon who is soon taken out by Garett who he in turn is taken out by AJ. AJ, Gunner and Aries are left. Gunner throws out Aries but is taken out by AJ with a Samoan Drop. AJ wins as Madison during the course of the match is making Googley eyes at someone in the match. Money’s on Crimson. Because then it can be a mixxed tag team feud for the KO tag belts no one wants. YEAH! everyone’s a winner.

    AJ secret tryst with Dixie is furthered along when Daniels brings out some video of her and Styles going to a Hotel/Motel. I love heel Daniels and his “Bob Van Dam” name calling.

    Oh and Jeff Hardy beat Anderson. Highlights from past TNA PPV play Lockdown 2008, Genesis 2006 and so on.

    Gail beats Velvet and Tessmacher after Velvet hit “In your face” on Tessmacher but Kim stole the pin.

    Joe vs Angle, a good match but not up to par with Genesis 2006 Angle wins.

    Roode comes out to close the show while all the winners come out like lions circling a Gazelle.

    Next Week Open Fight Night, and a special announcement.

    Spoiler: iMPACT WRESTLING goes live on throughout the summer.

  5. The Day After- An iMPACT Wre….Open Fight Night Review

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    So after last weeks announcement of TNA doing a Open Fight Night where anyone can challenge the champion of their choice, minus of course the KO Tag champs because that belt is now in possession of the comedic duo of Eric Young and ODB. What made it also extra interesting when announced was now they were doing the Gut Check Challenge on Impact, I couldn’t wait. Hogan started off the proceedings strong with him going around with the respective champs in drill sargent fashion and in perticular Bobby Roode. I was excited at what was in store.

    Right before deflation

    And then Jeremy Borash came out to challenge a man who should not be there. Eric B****** who name gets conveniently bleeped when said. Borash is the first to issue an open challenge and its against another non wrestler?

    Bully Ray comes out and attacks Borash setting him up to be pinned by B******* who is attempting to get one last heel heat attempt before vanishing from television.

    Devon defends his title. Which is nice considering he is the television champion. Who does he challenge? His former partner Bully Ray, I was smelling a rekindled feud coming right before Devon beat him but there is still hope.

    Chavo on Helium or as he likes to be called Anarquia calls out an American and gets Kurt Angle. So seeing how neews has been running rampant about Anarquia being removed from the TNA roster page I see this as his farewell match which in typical fashion sees him getting embarasseed on the way out. I will not be missing Chavo lite.

    NEw Prospect Alex Silva is announced for the Gut check challenge to take on Robbie ? yeah he loses. Not the best way to present prospects putting them up against comic parody relief.

    WHy am I here? Just because


    Tessmacher challenges and then pins Gail Kim, Nuff said. Finally a fresh feud with an actual knockout who I can root for who’s name doesn’t start with a V. Non title match.

    tessmacher I love you boyfriend and your wrestling too.

    A three way tag team is turned into a one on one event when Daniels and Kaz are told to leave. Samoa Joe picks up a win on Anderson after him and his partner where reinacting a broken home scenario in the ring. Daniels and Kaz attack and we finally have another team added to the tag division now just get two more to make it interesting. How about TMDK from OVW, think about it TNA.

    the mighty don't kneel

    And to close the show why not bring the man who you’ve kicked off the show back for one finally bow. Eric and his wrestlers from Lockdown come out and fight with Garett Bischoff and his wrestlers resulting in E. B******* ending up covered in shit  poop I mean poop have to keep the language down my daughter is watching me type.

    What do I think of the first OFN, eh could of been better with more emphasize on bringing out better matches instead of having this Eric going away party thrown by his former arch enemy Ric Flair. But hopefully next month it will be taken more seriously and lets not have the GutCheck Challenge opponent take on Robbie E.

    Pintnoir out.