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  1. The War On.. Video Game o-Mania, and Pimping Out Stuff You Should Be Following

    Hello lads, lasses and cross-genders. It is I! The one person on this website who doesn’t write about wrestling, even though it’s a wrestling website, but we’ve been through that already. Anyways.. the opening must be cued.. but before that.. follow @ThatDamnDoubleC on Twitter. He’s awesome (He’s also me, and I would appreciate it if […]

  2. The War On.. Small Screen Sideshows

    I’m taking this far too seriously these days. I actually have notes written in front of me as I type this. I never needed notes before, maybe it’s my old age getting to me, or maybe.. just maybe.. I want to produce something that is actually readable, and that makes sense. Although, it will probably […]

  3. What Shawn Michaels meant to me…

    I write this, justĀ  minutes after watching Shawn Michaels’ last match in a wrestling ring. With a defeat to the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI, Shawn Michaels’ career ended after 25 years. Shawn Michaels was THE guy for me. Not Hulk Hogan. Not Ric Flair. Not even Steve Austin. But Shawn Michaels. He was that one […]

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