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  1. SmackDown! (02/25/11): Dolph Withdrawal

    Last week, the WWE celebrated its 600th episode of SmackDown!, and it was quite the eventful night – Teddy Long returned, rehired Edge, and then promptly fired Dolph Ziggler after the Rated R Superstar recaptured his World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight, how will Vickie (and myself, for that matter!) deal with the loss of Dolph Ziggler? […]

  2. SmackDown! (02/18/11): 600th Episode

    SmackDown! is 600 episodes old! I can vividly remember the 500th – time flies, huh? Our main event is a massive 12-man tag-team match, and I’m sure we’ll get a few more surprises thrown in for good measure! Tonight will also see Dolph Ziggler crowned as the new World Heavyweight Champion. I’m sure that will […]

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