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  1. Random Randomness

    Well since this will be the final Random Randomness of 2011, I figured I’d end it off with a stunner er I mean bang.  This week I’m gonna do something I’ve always wanted to do and take a look at some of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s movie and tell you whether you should watch them […]

  2. Random Randomness

    Well another week gone by and another one closer to the Christmas holiday, I probably should get out and get my shopping done but with a lack of funds available I don’t really motivated.  But I haven’t really felt motivated in general lately thought that doesn’t mead I wont do anything, if that even makes […]

  3. Random Randomness

    Welcome to the new edition of Random Randomness, well not really new, just now with less wrestling and more random.  I figured that since I’m a part of BWF Radio (listen damnit) I wouldn’t rehash my opinions twice in the same week, so the articles may be a bit shorter or there may not be […]

  4. Random Randomness

    Well here another week gone by but with this one being a holiday one here in the States hopefully you all ate plenty and watched lots of football and passed out in front of the TV.  So without further ado, we shal get this show on the road:

  5. Random Randomness

    Coming off the heels of a monumentally awesome birthday I return refreshed and rejuvenated or maybe it’s just the coffee.  Thanks to all who wished me a a happy birthday if it was on here facebook, twitter, or google+ (yeah I actually got one on there).   Now to get back on track and see […]

  6. Random Randomness

    Welcome to another week of this here articlecast here and after 3 years I’m quite amazed to sill be here and doing this since in my younger years I would’ve given this up by now.  But I can happily say that I’m glad to be here and going (somewhat) strong. so without further ado lets […]

  7. Random Randomness

    Well it’s that time of year again where the countdown begins to mine and Joe’s birthday also known as Halloween.  So while the Halloween movie is being overplayed like the latest here today gone today music sensation, things still happen.  So without further ado, lets get this show on the road but this time I’m […]

  8. Random Randomness

    Well I’m back after a brief hiatus in which my surgery went well but then I ended up experiencing the worst pain ever to getting better to be here with you all today.  I was thinking about doing a “week in the life of” article on it but I figured you wouldn’t want to hear […]

  9. Random Randomness

    It’s that time again and all I can say is what a week.  So much has happened it the realm of everything random and I don’t know if I will remember it all.  Please stay tuned at the end of the broadcast for a very special announcement from me.

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