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  1. Random Randomness


    Well when it comes down to it there’s nothing like a good stiff drink with some good friends and some good food.  But what isn’t fun is when you have the worst sinus infection and allergies at the same time.  I was fortunate to experience all this in the same week, yay me.  But lots of drugs are helping me so I can give what I can this week: (more…)

  2. Random Randomness


    Welcome all to another edition of Random Randomness.  Happy St. Patrick’s day to all those who celebrate it on Wednesday.  Here in JTland the celebration has already started.  But we’re not here to talk about that this is a wrestling website so lets talk about wrestling:


  3. RAW bonus content!

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    Apparently, e-mails from my phone are very selective as to whom they will go out to.  I did try to give Drow some live notes from the show, including Superstars and dark match reviews.  I’m going to give you guys a quick rundown tonight, but I will most definitely be posting a hell of a lot more stuff tomorrow.

    WWE Superstars tapings:  Jack Swagger defeated Primo and Alicia Fox defeated Kelly Kelly.

    There is going to be a new theme song for RAW next week.  It’s “Burn It To The Ground” by Nickelback.  They had us chant “HEY” during the song for the new open.

    The dark main pit John Cena, DX, and Kofi Kingston against Legacy and The Big Show.  The faces won when everybody bailed on Orton, allowing him to take all four faces’ finishers.

    I’m gonna watch the show on my DVR and I’ll give you guys more thoughts on it as I go along, but I wanted to get these out to you tonight.

  4. SmackDown results 6/26/09


    I’ll admit it.  I’m not giving the blue brand the treatment it rightly deserves.  But cut me some slack – I went to a concert last Friday, and yesterday I sat around watching Michael Jackson videos all day while waiting for a package to arrive via UPS and was exhausted by time SmackDown rolled around.  Since I’m probably not going to have a chance later on today to watch it on my DVR, I’m gonna watch it on YouTube and review it here for you.  Plus it’ll help my last few hours of work go by quicker.


  5. Who’s going where? RAW, 4/13/09


    I’d hate to have to do this, especially since I skipped out on ECW and SmackDown last week (and, in fact, have not seen either of them), but something came up when I was getting set to review RAW that led to me having to leave and miss most of the show.  Sure, it’s on my DVR, but still, this is a special night of RAW, and it can’t be cast aside to be watched tomorrow and reviewed then.  Indeed, folks, tonight was Draft night.  I was going to post predictions earlier in the day but decided against it.  The only person I really felt was definitely moving was Triple H, and “my predictions:  Triple H to RAW” is not exactly a compelling article.  I also was going to predict that something absolutely insane would happen to Vince McMahon, since that’s been the case at the draft shows for the last two years.

    Who’s going where?  RAW results and my thoughts after the jump! (more…)