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  1. iMPACT Review 81612

    World Champion Austin Aries comes to the ring. He spells FLUKE and gives its definition. He makes a joke about erasing the “e” in fluke and telling all the doubters to go fluk themselves. He directs his next comment to Aces and 8’s and tells them that he is walking out of Bound for Glory […]

  2. Pintnoir review-TNA iMPACT 8 9 12

    We begin with a video recap of the Claire & AJ and Aces & 8’s storylines. Bully Ray heads down to the ring and pulls out his ‘Twittah machine.’ He bullie’s for a mic and asks if we know who he is. He announces that he’s the leader of the Bully Nation. He says Joseph Park taught […]

  3. pintnoir review: TNA iMPACT 8/2/12

    So Impact opens with the TNA World Champion and X Division Champion respectably on opposing sides against the former World title holder and the X division number #1 contender. Austin Aries/Kenny King vs Zema Ion/Bobby Roode: This match was an awesome way to open the show and get the blood pumping. Back and forth pin […]

  4. Pintnoir review- TNA Impact 7/26/2012

    After Ace’s and 8’s dominated the show last week, this week will be the reckoning. Sting comes out and announces that he is the interim GM until Hogan gets out of his mesh, various metals and hip injury caused by Ace’s and 8’s and not a preconditioned wrestling lifestyle. Reality meets wrestling people. Sting calls […]

  5. iMPACT Wrestling- Road to Destination X

    [youtube][/youtube]After the recap, we jump right into Bully Ray shilling his new twitter account, @Realbully5150. He calls out Joseph Park and accepts his challenge for next week’s impact. All this will be a Anything Goes match except that Ray has a restraining order against Abyss who if he even shows up will be sent to rot in prison. Park is […]

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