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  1. IMPACT Wrestling BaseBrawl – June 22, 2012 – Buffalo, NY

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    Last year, TNA Wrestling launched a series of summer live events at baseball stadiums, and called it the BaseBrawl. A great thing about these events is that if you buy lawn/floor/ringside seats, whatever you want to call them, you also get a meet and greet with a majority of the stars on the roster. You can also buy an elite package, which will get you a limited edition baseball bat and a personal meeting with the event’s major star. Last year in Buffalo, that was Hulk Hogan, this year, Jeff Hardy. But, enough shilling the event.

    and the pretty decent view I had from my seat!

    Jeremy Borash handles the ring announcing duties for the evening, and up first is an X-Division match!

    Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries

    Ion really loves that hairspray, doesn’t he? These are two guys you want to have open your show and get the crowd going. And the crowd got going with chants of “Carlito” and “You’re not cool” directed at Zema Ion. Poor guy has no traits in common with Carly Colon other than the afro and the orange pants, and he’s got to hear this every night. The Buffalo faithful were solidly behind The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, who picked up the victory with a brainbuster. After the match, JB gave a backstage pass to somebody who brought a sign in support of Aries.

    Winner:  Austin Aries

    JB gives a big introduction to the most controversial referee in the history of professional wrestling, Earl Hebner, who, for some reason, comes out to “Man In The Box” by Alice In Chains, which is of course Tommy Dreamer’s old theme song. The Buffalo faithful get on Hebner’s case, chanting “You Screwed Bret.” JB holds Earl back as he looks to go after a few of them – but then he takes off his referee polo to reveal a t-shirt that says “Damn Right I Did!” Earl’s here to referee a Knockout’s Title match. Yes, that’s the same spot they did last year.

    TNA Knockout’s Championship: Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Gail Kim

    Kim works over Tessmacher’s leg through the whole match, but Tessmacher manages to pick up the win with a neckbreaker out of nowhere to retain her title. Great match!

    Winner & STILL Knockouts Champion, Miss Tessmacher

    We’re told that the Spike TV cameras are rolling and that highlights of the following match will be seen next Thursday on Impact, as it’s a part of the Bound For Glory series! Mr. Anderson is introduced first, and he calls for his microphone to be lowered – in a roofless stadium. JB climbs up onto a chair and hands him a microphone, and he does his “asshole” schtick. He begins his introduction, but somebody yells out “Kennedy,” to which he replies, “oh no. No, that guy died in a train wreck. And you can still watch that train wreck every Monday night!” Burn! Anderson’s opponent is Samoa Joe, who is wearing his Nation of Violence gear again for some reason. Did I miss something?

    Bound For Glory Series: Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe

    The crowd started off very quiet for this one. I think it’s because they weren’t really sure who they wanted to root for. Eventually, they decided on rooting for Joe. This was another match, really worth the price of admission. All the usual spots are there, and in the end, it’s Joe with the Muscle Buster for the victory, and seven points in the BFG Series!

    Winner:  Samoa Joe (earns 7 points in the Bound For Glory Series)

    And our next match is for the TNA Tag Team Championship! The former champions, Kazarian and Daniels come out first, and they cut a promo badmouthing Buffalo, with Kazarian saying that we don’t have a big league baseball team because there’s nothing big league about this town. Daniels is less harsh. He says that the fans are disappointments to their mothers, but the biggest disappointment is that Kurt Angle and AJ Styles are walking around with their tag team titles. Angle and Styles get their entrances, and we get our tag team title match.

    TNA Tag Team Championship: Kurt Angle & AJ Styles (c) vs. Kazarian & Daniels

    These are four of the best wrestlers in the entire industry, so you can imagine that they put on a great match. The crowd was mostly behind Angle & Styles, though a small “Angle Sucks” chant broke out in a very localized cluster in the stands. Styles picked up the win for the tag champs with a Styles Clash.

    Winners & STILL TNA Tag Team Champions:  AJ Styles & Kurt Angle


    I didn’t catch the name of the guy pitching the merch this year, but he was good. Don West may be gone, but the Brown Bag Special remains. This year’s bag costs $30, but in the bag you get FOUR TNA DVDs and an Impact Wrestling t-shirt, which is where the bag used to stop, but this year they added in a random TNA action figure and a TNA 10th Anniversary program. Yes, that’s about $120 worth of stuff for $30. My wife surprised me and came back from a bathroom break with one – which she didn’t have to do, because I would have bought it myself. The pitchman mentioned a fan wearing a Triple H t-shirt, and told him he should buy a Brown Bag Special so he could get the Impact Wrestling shirt and “cover that hideous thing up.” Love the friendly little jabs at the competition tonight.

    We return to action with another match in the Bound For Glory Series. Robbie E is introduced first, and enters to a chorus of “We Want Ryder” chants. James Storm makes his way out, and Robbie E grabs the microphone. He says that all the people in Buffalo came to watch him fist pump. For some reason, a “YES!” chant breaks out during this promo. Robbie E starts to dance and fist pump in the ring and offers Storm a chance to do the same. Storm says he doesn’t fist pump, he drinks beer. He makes a few jokes about Robbie’s pink ring gear and the fist printed on the ass of his tights. Robbie says he can chug beer. Storm challenges him to do so. Robbie starts sipping the beer, and Storm hits him with the Last Call. The bell rings.

    Bound for Glory Series: “Cowboy” James Storm vs. Robbie E

    Storm covers Robbie and pins him while sipping a beer. Seven points for The Cowboy!

    Winner:  James Storm (earns 7 points in the Bound For Glory Series)

    It’s time for the main event of the evening, a match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. My wife screams her heart out as the challenger, Jeff Hardy, makes his way to the ring and poses for the crowd. The TNA Champion, Bobby Roode is introduced to a chorus of boos. Roode demands the proper respect to be shown to him, or he will leave and go back to Canada. Some fans bow down to the Champion, some point to the thruway just outside of the stadium that leads directly into Canada.

    TNA World Championship: Bobby Roode (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

    The fans are solidly behind Hardy in this one, and with good reason – Roode plays the cowardly heel to a T. “It factor?” Yeah, I’d say so. The crowd was definitely into this one, mostly chanting “Let’s Go Hardy.” At one point during the match, Roode and referee Brian Hebner got into a bit of a shoving match, which prompted a “Let’s Go Brian” chant. Speaking of, Hebner got knocked down, and Gunner ran in to attack Hardy, catching a Whisper In The Wind for his troubles, but Roode nailed Hardy with a low blow and picked up the pinfall victory to retain his title.

    Winner & STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion:  Bobby Roode

    Hardy hit Roode with a Twist of Fate to end the show.

    One of the cool things that TNA does, is after the show they allow fans to have a photo opportunity in the ring with one or more members of the TNA roster for a small price. Tonight it was Jeff Hardy, my wife’s favorite wrestler since she was a kid. The way this works is that you pay $20, and everybody that is with you can get in the ring and get their photo taken at the same time with Hardy. We couldn’t pass this up. They try to rush everybody through, and the line definitely moves very quickly, but Jeff was very cordial, taking a moment to give my wife a hug and shake my hand. When you get out of the ring, they have the photo waiting for you.

    here’s mine!

    We poke fun at TNA sometimes for inconsistent television here on BoredWrestlingFan from time to time, but one thing I cannot deny is that the live events are consistently entertaining. The two that I’ve been to have been some of the best live wrestling experiences I’ve had – and I’ve been to three WrestleManias. If the company brings a live event to your area, I definitely recommend checking it out – and bringing some extra dough to participate in some of the extracurricular stuff they have going on. Definitely worth it!

  2. WrestleMania 22: Big Time

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    Day three of WrestleMania week, and we’re rolling on here at BoredWrestlingFan.com!  Throughout this week I will relive the past 7 WrestleMania events, starting with WrestleManias XX (which was posted Sunday) and continuing through WrestleMania XXVII (which will be posted this coming Sunday).  So we’re heading to the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, heading to the Big Time for WrestleMania 22!


  3. Random Randomness


    Welcome to another week of this here articlecast here and after 3 years I’m quite amazed to sill be here and doing this since in my younger years I would’ve given this up by now.  But I can happily say that I’m glad to be here and going (somewhat) strong. so without further ado lets get this show on the road: (more…)

  4. NXT 4/27

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    We open with the rookies in the ring. Daniel Bryan is growing a beard. Skip Sheffield has added spikes to his jacket. We’re down to two weeks till an elimination.

    This weeks challenge is testing likability. Go out to the crowd and try to sell merchandise in 60 seconds. WHoever has the most cash wins and gets a shot at at a WWE superstar of their choosing.

    Skip is given a bag of programs and some changes and asked to sell. Suggested retail price 15 bucks. He gets 60 bucks, selling four programs.

    The first match is a tag team match. Christian and Heath Slater vs Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett.

    Start off with Slater knocking Jericho down and he instantly tags out. Christian gets a forearm and a second rope missle dropkick. He decks Christian, then Barrett gets a boot. Stomps away then Jericho comes in and pummels him. Back suplex. Jericho pounds Christian down in the corner. Christian gets a reverse DDT and tags out.

    Slater with a flying forearm, then one in the corner. Eats a kick as he ducks his head but comes back with a neckbreaker. Barrett breaks up a cover. Christian comes off the top, then tosses Barrett. Dive over the top.

    Jericho attempts a Walls of Jericho. Rollup gets two, but Jericho gets the Codebreaker for the win.

    Some good stuff during the match. Cole refers to the faces as the team of Christian Slater, and Jericho is just nuts. He gets in the ref’s face and tears up the announce table.

    Daniel Bryan just tosses the books away for free. Cole calls him a tool, and Matthews says Cole is the definition of a tool.

    Replay of the triple threat last week. Carlito is giving some advice, pay attention to the little things. Details matter. He then walks away, telling Tarver to get their stuff. When Tarver asks if Carlito wants him to carry bags Carlito congratulates him for getitng the little things.

    Justin Gabriel is up next. He asks the fans for help. He wants to fight a pro and show them that he’s good at WRESTLING. He says all the American money looks the same to him. He sells 22 progams.

    Michael Tarver has the next match. We get the pros talking about him. Most see nothing him. Punk says he’s saddled with a poor pro. Regal calls him a sleeper. Truth calls him a character. Miz sees nothing in him.

    His opponent is Darren Young, who’s accompanied by Serena and Gallows. Punch to the gut and a hard whip to the corner by Tarver. Powerslam. Stomp to the gut. Punches to the gut. Keylock, of some sort. Young fights out.

    Tornado punch. Dropkick. Flying shoulderblock. Runs into a kick, but nails Tarver in the gut. Tarver with a knee on the outside. Shoulder to the gut and pulls his shoulder to the corner. Serena distracts the ref and Gallows nails Tarver, allowing Young to hit his finish. Gallows separates Serena and Young.

    Justin Gabriel only got 210. Otunga is up next. he says celebrities don’t do manual labor, so he picks a couple of kis to carry the stuff as he hawks the programs. “Money Otunga” like Money Mayweather.

    The pros talk Justin Gabriel. He’s got some moves, but doesn’t really have a lot of personality basically. Replay of Otunga/Gabriel and R-Truth not helping him. Truth is giving his some advise backstage and tells him if he can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch.

    Heath Slater has to get over 315 dollars worth of merchadise. He encourages the fans to buy by saying that he’s beaten two pros so lets make it three. He falls a little short.

    Darren Young wants to face CM Punk but he fails to get enough.

    Michael Tarver refuses to sell, saying the WWE should sell him. He is thr product.

    Wade Barrett says he’s proved he’s the number 1 rookie. He takes the money given to give change and walks out.

    Pros on Daniel Bryan. Punk, Jericho, Regal and Christian all praise him. Miz says if he’s listened to him he’d be a winner. Matt Hardys says he needs more personality but if he gets that he says nothing but good things.

    Otunga won the challenge. And he wants to face R-Truth. It’s time the student beats the teacher.

    The main even is the Miz vs Skip Sheffield. Miz has a big ass bruise on his face.

    Regal gets in Miz’s face. He has a mike. It’s very painful to talk. He can’t compete due to the Big Show’s suckerpunch. Taking his place will be Daniel Bryan.

    Fireman’s carry but Bryan escapes. Kicks and then a dropkick in the corner. Punches to the gut. Leglock. Skip gets the ropes. Kicks to the chest, But he grabs a kick then knocks him down.

    Clothesline. Skip gets his finish, a backpack stunner.

    Overall an excellent show, but three out of five people choosing not to compete is a bit much. Breaking it up the way they did actually made it a bit better this week.

  5. WWE Superstars

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    Hey, everybody! I hope you enjoyed Wrestlemania 26, but now its time for the WWE’s D show (maybe F show…I’m not sure if AM RAW beats Superstars in ratings or not.  I haven’t checked on that.)

    Match 1:  Kofi Kingston and MVP vs Zack Ryder and Carlito

    Kofi and MVP get the win after Kofi hits Carlito with the Trouble in Paradise. 

    Match 2:  William Regal vs Yoshi Tatsu

    Yoshi gets the win with a kick to the head.

    Match 3:  Hart Dynasty vs Caylon Croft and Trent Baretta (The Dudebusters)

    Tyson Kidd forces Baretta to tap out with the Sharpshooter after hitting the Hart Attack.  Hopefully this will be the build for them to become Tag Champs

    Alright, Peeps.  That’s it for this week.  It’s another random Superstars and thus another random results column.

    Peace out

  6. WWE Tribute To The Troops 2009 Results

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    Here’s something interesting I just noticed – in the opening bumper, it no longer has “Hulkamania is runnin’ wild” as one of the featured audio clips – instead, it’s “Everybody’s got a price!”

    Let’s roll!  Tonight we’ve got John Cena “defending his title” against Chris Jericho, but first…

    BOOYAKAH, BOOYAKAH!  Whatever that means.

    Rey Mysterio makes his way out to the ring as that terrible announcer who got canned from ECW, Lauren Mayhew, does the ring introductions.  Mysterio is in tag team action, and his partner tonight is The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.  They’re opponents tonight are Carlito and CM Punk.

    Rey Mysterio & Mark Henry def. Carlito & CM Punk

    I love the matches on these Tribute to the Troops shows.  It’s really awesome what the WWE does for the troops, and the guys on the card always give their best.  Mysterio nails a double 619 on Carlito and Punk, followed by a West Coast Pop on Punk and a World’s Strongest Slam on Carlito, as the faces pick up the win in the opening contest.

    Photo Slideshow: Images from the WWE’s latest trip to Iraq set to a Bob Dylan song.


    Eve introduces Santa Claus.  Santa is played this year by R-Truth, who doesn’t even bother to change the lyrics to “What’s Up” to anything Christmas or Troops related.  He complains that he’s gaining weight because everybody leaves him goodies when he comes to deliver the presents.  He’s got a sweet tooth, and he’s going to bring out honey right now – in the form of his helpers, the WWE Divas.  The Divas come down to the ring and pass out swag from WWEShop.com.

    Video Message: President Obama wishes the troops well.


    Still to come, John Cena defends a belt that isn’t even his anymore against Chris Jericho

    Video Package: The interaction between the Superstars and Troops.  In a touching moment, Rey Mysterio gives one of the troops the mask he wore the first time he came over to Iraq with Eddie Guerrero as his partner.


    Video: The Commander of the US Central Command thanks the WWE for supporting the troops.

    The WWE United States Champion, The Miz, makes his way to the ring.  We’ve got a rematch from Bragging Rights, as his opponent is the (former) Intercontinental Champion, John Morrison, who even gets a slow-mo entrance in Iraq.

    The Miz def. John Morrison

    Michael Cole takes a moment that despite John Morrison having the championship at the time of this match, he’d lost it this past Sunday to Drew McIntyre.  The Miz picks up the victory with his feet up on the ropes.

    Video Package: John Cena’s Tribute To The Troops history.

    Up next, Cena defends the WWE Championship against Chris Jericho!


    Chris Jericho is out first for his match.  At least they’re going the traditional route and letting the Champion come out last for the Troops show.  His opponent was the WWE Champion at the time of the taping, and say what you will about John Cena, you have to respect him for his dedication to performing for the Troops.

    John Cena def. Chris Jericho

    In another great match, Cena picks up the victory with the Attitude Adjustment.

    Video Package: The Superstars in Iraq

    My Thoughts: This is the best WWE show of the year.  It’s bigger than WrestleMania, and the WWE considers these trips to be more important than WrestleMania.  Another great show, but I know I’m not the only one who feels like an hour isn’t long enough.  I’d gladly give up RAW or SmackDown for a week to see a two hour Tribute to the Troops broadcast.  Thank you, WWE, for what you do for the Troops, and thanks to the Troops for what they do for us.

    I’ll be back tomorrow with the Final Resolution Roundtable.  JT should be here tomorrow with a new Random Randomness, and making his BWF debut, chjpacheco will be covering tomorrow night’s Final Resolution PPV!

  7. WWE Superstars

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    10 days until Hell in a Cell.  That means 2 more Superstars to review.  Lets get the first one out of the way.

    Match 1:  The Masterpiece Chris Master vs Primo Colon

    Its time to start pushing Chris Masters into something big.  This guy is huge!  Primo is a very good inhancement talent.  Masters should not be losing to Primo, but I understand that Primo can’t job every week and needs some credibility for himself.  Primo wins this with a quick roll up.  This is fine with me, as Masters was not made to look weak in the loss.  Primo is always fun to watch and he has so much more talent than Carlito, but I still see Carlito as having more to offer.  Go figure.

    Match 2:  Goldust vs William Regal

    Lord Regal’s court follows him to the ring in this one.  Big Zeke is a star!  Kozlov not so much, but he is ginormous too.  Should Goldust still be called Goldust if his ring attire is more black than gold?  Goldust wins this one via DQ.  Kozlov and Ezekial Jackson help Regal dismantle Goldust.  Christian, Tommy Dreamer and Yoshi Tatsu rush to the ring to save the Golden one.

    Match 3:  Michelle McCool and Layla vs Maria and Melina

    If you have missed it, over the last few weeks Maria and Melina have been on the outs, as Maria thinks Melina has been trying to sabotage her relationship with Mr. Ziggles.  Early on, Maria and Melina seem to be on the same page.  Michelle McCool hits a big boot to Maria’s face and Layla gets the pin.  After the match, Maria wants nothing to do with Melina.  This proves that good booking and creative writing can make women’s matches interesting. 

    Ask the divas segment.  Who cares?!

    Main Event:  Matt Hardy vs Kane

    Matt just doesn’t do it for me at all.  He is out of shape, doesn’t speak well, and can’t do the things he used to be able to.  Kane, however, should be a main event heel on Smackdown right now, but the fans will always love him too.  Why are the fans behind Matt so much?  Is it because he is Jeff’s brother?  He certainly isn’t exciting to watch or listen to anymore.  Matt wins via DQ as Kane straddles Matt on the ropes several times and then delivers a Chokeslam for good measure.  Even after leaving Matt in a heaping pile in the ring, the fans still popped for Kane as he left the ring. 

    Thanks for checking out the review this week.  Join me next week as I will also give my HIAC predictions.

  8. WWE Superstars ReViEw

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    Ok… Raw sucked (read the results, didn’t watch) and ECW was very mediocre this week, so let’s see what Superstars has in store for us.

    Match 1:  John Morrison vs David Hart Smith

    WWE is Canada is always ass backwards.  David Hart Smith and Natalya get the huge pops in their home country.  John Morrison is one of the few bright spots in WWE right now.  Hell of a main event for Smackdown as Morrison takes on CM Punk.  Little Bulldog is massive!  He pounds on the Shaman of Sexy for a lot of the match.  He hit a terrific suplex off the top rope.  Morrison eventually hit all of his spots (Pele kick, standing moonsault, spinning kick, etc.)  The Guru of Greatness gets the win with Starship Pain.

    Match 2:  Goldust vs Sheamus

    The Celtic Warrior is huge, but looks smaller than he is because of his almost transparent skin.  Dude is ghostly.  How many times in a row are they going to do this match?  Shouldn’t Sheamus be taking on other people to gain experience?  This is just another example of WWE’s lazy booking.  Anyway, Goldust wins with a rollup for some reason.  Sheamus didn’t look weak, but shouldn’t they be booking him better than to lose to Goldust? 

    Random main event time:  Mickie James and Kofi Kingston vs Rosa Mendez and Carlito in a Mixed Tag match

    Alrighty then.  This does nothing to enhance any feud.  What’s up with Carlito’s hair?  He look’s like a shi tzu who hasn’t been groomed in a while.  I guess its part of his new dark and gloomy persona.  This match was dominated in time by Kofi and Carlito.  I think Mickie and Rosa were in the ring for about 15 seconds.  Carlito gets the win after a backstabber off the top rope. 

    Random Random Random.  I get that Carlito should be in the mix for the US title, but shouldn’t he also be dealing with his brother?  Isn’t Gail Kim the number one contender for the Diva title?  Why wasn’t she in that match?  Sheamus should be booked to be taking people out…not losing to Goldust.  John Morrison is great…nuf said.

    Remember to check out Smackdown, which is obviously the best show WWE has to offer right now.  See you next week.