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  1. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 150

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    This week on BoredWrestlingFan Radio, we’re joined by Michael Kingston, creator of Headlocked: The Last Territory, a wrestling comic.  Michael talks about his influences, the difficulty of promoting a wrestling themed comic book, and the people who have helped him out along the way, such as Christopher Daniels and Jerry “The King” Lawler.  (Donate to the Headlocked Volume 2 Kickstarter here)

    In the news, the numbers are in for the WWE Network, and they aren’t pretty.  Stevie Ray reveals Hulk Hogan’s reaction to being called the n-word by Booker T in a promo.  CM Punk returns to WWE…. Shop.  Ric Flair and Dennis Rodman film a fitness DVD.  Jim Ross talks about WWE Network’s promotion, or lack thereof.  Ken Shamrock thinks he should be in the Hall of Fame.  All this, and much, much more on this week’s episode of BoredWrestlingFan Radio!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 150 (MP3, 2:05:28)


    This week’s break song was “I Fell Asleep On My Arm” by The Aquabats.  Buy it here!

  2. TNA Impact 17/10/2013

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    I’m extremely tired and cranky as hell.

    Dixie comes out to start the show. She has security with her and one of them has a briefcase. Dixie says that Bound For Glory will be her masterpiece and runs down AJ, referencing his beating by Bully Ray. A “We want Hogan” chant breaks out and I wonder where these fans were when Hogan was around. Dixie planned to have the signing of the contract for the match between Bully and AJ but instead offers something else. She offers 50 thousand dollars to anyone who can make sure AJ doesn’t make it to the contract signing and makes it AJ’s last night with the company. AJ may have walked away from the money Dixie offered him, but the rest of the guys won’t. When AJ gets taken out it just means someone else will get the shot. She has the security guy open the briefcase to reveal the fifty grand and Bully Ray’s music hits.


    Look, it’s Hogan’s first paycheck!

    Bully says he’s not exactly on Team Dixie but he took AJ out for free last week. This week he’d be happy to do it for fifty grand and doesn’t care who AJ is replaced with. Then Magnus’s music hits and he comes out. Magnus brings up the Bound For Glory series, and what an insult it is to offer someone the chance that 12 people gave their bodies for for fifty grand. Magnus hates to be insubordinate but it’s no wonder the crowd chants “Dixie sucks”. Guess he’s not quite a heel yet. He tells Dixie he’s sick of her coming out and talking every week and says she can keep the fifty grand cos he’ll fight Bully for free. Bully actually puts over Magnus pretty well. That’s how you handle a promo. The fans and Sting believe in Magnus but Bully doesn’t. He thinks Magnus is a fraud, a pretty boy without a tough bone in his body. He’s probably the biggest disappointment that Bully has seen. Magnus hits Bully hard and Bully slips out the ring and accepts the challenge for a match.

    Backstage with Aces and Threes. Bully is proud of his men, both of them, for taking the spotlight he offered and tonight they’re going to get that chance again. Knuxy has a shot at earning fifty grand, which he can use to buy a new bike. He’s up against one half of the tag team champs and Bischoff will be in his corner. Bully tells them if they need him he’ll be there, just like they’ll be there for him at Bound For Glory.

    Christopher Daniels vs Robbie E vs Hernandez vs Eric Young in a Four Corners Match
    The winner of this match gets the advantage in the gauntlet match and that advantage is that they will be the last entrant. I guess this is another case of it being an actual gauntlet match. The way this match works is two people are in the ring at any one time and you can tag anyone in when you want. EY and Robbie start things off and they don’t take long to swap to Daniels and Hernandez. Robbie E tags himself in and attacks Hernandez. Hernandez tags in EY who takes out both heels but the numbers catch up to him. Daniels goes for the pin and Robbie breaks it up and Hernandez hits the Air Mexico. Eric does this awesome thing where he gets sent into the corner but he rolls over to the outside and slides back into the ring. The finish comes when Robbie E steals the victory from EY and pins Daniels.


    Yep. This happened.

    Backstage with AJ. He doesn’t trust anyone and can’t finish his sentence before Jesse Godderz attacks him. AJ wins the five second brawl.

    AJ comes out to the ring. He says Dixie reeks of desperation. He’s flattered that she would go so far to stop him because she’s scared because she knows he’ll win. When he wins he’s going to make her pay. He’s said that before but he’s never said what he’s actually going to do. Does that mean that he’ll actually ask her for a paycheck? He pretty much calls out anyone who wants to try and claim the bounty and Knux and Garret Bischoff come out. AJ gets the crap kicked out of him before James Storm and Gunner come out for the save. Who needs fifty grand when you have the tag team titles?


    Can you feel the love tonight?

    Knux vs Gunner
    Bischoff grabs Gunner’s legs and the ref sees it. Isn’t that grounds for a DQ? I already don’t care about this match. Stuff happens, there’s some really strong power moves, and more stuff happens. Knux misses a leg drop after Gunner fails to flip him over for the Sunset Flip. Garret and Storm argue on the ramp and Storm spits beer in his face. Gunner sort of hits a Fall Away Slam but doesn’t finish Knux off. Knux calls for help from Bully even though he was in control and Gunner takes advantage and gets the win.

    Backstage Sabin is asked about his thoughts on the bounty. Sabin goes off to find AJ while Velvet says that this isn’t him.

    More backstage with Knux and Bischoff. Bischoff asks where Bully was and Knux says that the next time Bully needs help it’s going to be interesting.

    Backstage still, this time with Brooke and Gail Kim. Gail brings up Lei’D Tapa and tries to form an alliance with Brooke, saying they should help eachother should Tapa come after one of them. Brooke declines.

    Pretty awesome video package hyping up the Ultimate X match and the wrasslers in it. For some reason only Jeff Hardy is referred to by name.

    We’re still backstage, this time with Sabin. He’s looking for AJ and refers to him as “the not so phenomenal AJ Styles”. Samoa Joe finds him instead. Sabin doesn’t have his priorities set right because tonight he’s facing Joe in one on one competition and on Sunday Joe has him in Ultimate X. If he survives all of that then maybe he can go on a bounty hunt. Unfortunately Joe is a very big “if”. Sabin backs away slowly. That was pretty awesome.

    By.Rulez.IW.2013.10.17.HDTV Ptt1 (3).mp4_snapshot_09.19_[2013.10.18_14.27.26]

    I don’t know if Joe’s gonna kill him, but he WILL rape him.

    Frail Sabin vs Samoa Joe
    TNA remembered they’re a wrestling program and stopped with the backstage segments and instead put a match on. Joe pretty much absolutely dominates the first few minutes until Sabin flees and hugs Velvet outside the ring. Joe drags him back into the ring by his hair and continues to beat the crap out of him. Sabin tries to fight back but Joe no sells it and knocks him the hell out. Sabin grabs his woman and tries to walk out of the match. Joe follows him, Sabin tries to use Velvet as a human shield, but Joe grabs him anyway. Sabin counters it into a DDT on the ramp and goes for the count out victory. Joe dives back in the ring just before the ref counts ten. Sabin spits on his hand before rubbing it in Joe’s face. After that Joe takes control of the match again and resumes the crap kicking. Joe goes for a muscle buster and Sabin literally bites his way out of it and hits a springboard floatover DDT. I think that’s what it’s called. Joe locks in the rear naked choke for the victory.

    After the match Aries comes out and attacks Joe for inserting himself in the match. Hardy comes out and hits the Twist of Fate on Aries and grabs a ladder. It’s a shame he’s in an Ultimate X match but I guess he couldn’t pull out some scaffolding. Manik runs to the top of the ladder and takes out both Aries and Sabin and Hardy and Manik pose on the turnbuckles.

    We’re quickly taken backstage where Bad Influence are beating the tar out of AJ Styles. AJ fights back and sprays them with a fire extuingisher before disappearing into the night like Batman.

    Ethan segment. It seems Ethan is going to be related to Dixie as he says “Auntie D is gonna be real proud” or something like that.

    Magnus vs Bully Ray
    They start off incredibly slowly with tie up spots and tests of strength. Bully comes out on top and Magnus actually gets “Let’s go Magnus” chants without having to call for them. I really hope they don’t turn him heel now. Especially if the fans are starting to really come around to him. Magnus gets some offence in at last and hits a huge back body drop. There’s an ad break and when we get back Bully is in control of the match. He dares Magnus to hit him and Magnus complies, getting in a few good shots. The pair exchange blows and Magnus knocks Bully down and hits a back drop suplex and Big Boot. He follows that up with a huge top rope elbow for a two count. Magnus charges at Bully but Bully grabs Hebner and we get a ref bump. Bully goes for the chain but Sting comes out and grabs Bully’s arm to stop him. The ref comes too and tells Sting to let go of Bully. Sting complies and hits a low blow for the win while the ref is dealing with Sting.



    Post match they tease more dissension as Magnus explains he got low blowed and Sting explains he was trying to help as Bully was going to use the chain. Sting goes for the handshake but Magnus doesn’t take it.

    We’re backstage again, this time with Magnus and Sting. Sting asks Magnus if he has anything to say and the pair have a small argument that ends with Magnus saying that he’s sick and tired of ending up the losing end because people won’t let him prove he can go at it alone. Joe comes in to calm them down and tells Magnus to walk it off. Sting tells Magnus that he’ll be by himself on Sunday when it’s one on one.

    Kurt Angle comes out to the ring and cuts a promo on Bobby Roode. The gist was that Roode made it personal by mocking his induction to the TNA hall of fame and that while Roode is one of the best, he will never be Kurt Angle. Presumably because Kurt Angle is Kurt Angle. I wonder if they let him out of rehab a little too early. Roode comes out and says that he’s no Kurt Angle, and he’s okay with that. He WANTED to be Kurt Angle but not anymore. Kurt was the be all and end all of professional wrestling but now Roode is and he deserves a hall of fame induction way more. Roode tells Angle that the last thing he did was two years at Bound For glory when he, Angle, beat Bobby Roode to retain the championship. After that Roode went on to be the longest reigning world champion and this Sunday Roode is going to beat Angle. Angle asks him how he can win when he’s going to be tapping. Roode starts to explain why he won’t be tapping and hits a cheap shot. Kurt locks the Ankle Lock on Roode but Bad Influence come out and beat the crap out of him. Roode dismisses Bad Influence and locks what I believe was a Crossface on and Kurt starts tapping. Roode says he won’t be tapping because he’ll make Angle tap, though I doubt it. After this your winner will be Angle by submission.


    Cat Bug for champion bitches!

    Jeremy Borasch is in the ring with Atlas security and Dixie. He introduces Bully Ray first and then AJ Styles. He made it to the ring safely which I wasn’t a big fan of. I was hoping he’d be attacked one last time. It feels like he was barely attacked and wasn’t actually much of a survivor. Bully signs the contract and grabs the microphone and draws attention to how quickly he signed the contract. He says AJ can’t beat him because he doesn’t have the brains, the passion, or the thunder. Bully gives a little history lesson about Ric Flair and how he destroyed Dusty Rhodes and then proceeded to put the world on hard times. For the past year and a half he, Bully Ray, has put the wrestling world on hard times. He runs down how he became the world champion and retained it. He even claims he’s the one who ran Hogan out of the company. I suppose that means Hogan did re-sign, as Dixie said she never wanted to hear Hogan’s name again. In three days AJ will end up on hard times and he’ll end up with no contract or championship and when AJ goes back to his trailer his wife and three kids probably won’t be there. He calls himself the Darth Vader of the business and says AJ is no Luke Skywalker.

    But does AJ have The Touch?

    AJ gets the mic and says that he’s no Dusty Rhodes and Bully is no Ric Flair. Bully is no more than a big, dumb bitch who has no idea who he’s getting in the ring with. AJ is the most dangerous, desperate and intense man Bully has ever gotten in the ring with and he will win and make Dixie pay. He signs the contract and Dixie takes it. Bully says he’s not putting his title on the line and instead is going to cash in the fifty grand. Bully hits the cheap shot but AJ recovers and plants him with the briefcase. He then opens it and throws the cash at Dixie who proceeds to get on the ground and try and pick it all up. AJ shouts at Bully about how the title is everything to him and the two tell eachother what they’re going to do to eachother as the show goes off the air.

    Thoughts? The show wasn’t bad actually and I think it set up the PPV pretty well. The only problem I had is that the bounty on AJ’s head never really amounted to much. He was attacked maybe three times. He should have been attacked pretty much every segment, or at least one more time as he tried to come down to the ring. Still I can say I’m looking forward to the PPV, or at least discussing it this Sunday at 2PM EST on BWF Radio.


    Impact in one picture. EVERYTHING in one picture.