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Mark Noyce is one of the co-hosts of Bored Wrestling Fan and occasional contributor to the site. He's published a few books on Amazon you can find by searching his name and is looking for voice and written work so contact him via Twitter if you're interested.

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  1. Let’s Talk About Punk

    So Gee, you know Gee right? He writes those Smackdown reviews that are infinitely better than the RAW reviews. To be fair RAW sucks. Joe does what he can with a bad product. Look at what happened when I tried to review that show. Well anyway, Gee posted a link to a story on Reddit […]

  2. TNA Genesis 16/01/2014

    Tonight’s Impact was dedicated to the memory of Mae Young. She’s tapping out Jesus now while the crowd still chants for Savage, who’s in the main event with Eddie Guerrero. Spud is in the ring to start us off and introduced Dixie Carter. Spud sat on the rope to pull it down for Dixie and […]

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