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  1. NXT Season 2 7/06

    We open up with a replay of last weeks Keg carry and the elimination of Titus O’Neil. Honestly, I’ve heard nothing about another elimination, so I think that week’s elimination was just them realizing he was to green and needed to go for more training.

  2. NXT Season 2 6/22

    Straight to the intro tonight We have out first Pro vs Rookie match tonight as Cody Rhodes take’s on Mark Henry’s rookie Lucky Cannon. We open with the new announcer Ashley Vallence, a rather generic new diva. She tells us about the Pros Poll next week and when voting will open. The Pros come out. […]

  3. NXT Season 2 6/15

    We’re onto our second week of the second season of NXT with half of the roster yet to wrestle. Last week we had two tag team matches, pros teaming with rookies. This week Kaval being “mentored” by Lay-Cool should break up that streak. We open with Matt Striker in the ring. He talks about unanswered […]

  4. NXT 5/25

    We’re at the final four, but apparently that’s not a key moment as it was originally supposed to be, since we’re getting another elimination tonight. Also Daniel Bryan should be on the show, having another confrontation with Michael Cole.

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